• Lindsay was had just awaken to get ready for school.How she hated to get up at 6 O'clock in the morning during the week just to learn stuff that she could easily learn by herself. Her alarm still beeping she finally gets out of bed to turn of the alarm that woke her so annoyingly every morning.

    ''Mom, I'm not eating breakfast today'' she yells out of her door while stretching her arms and body still tired. Her parents always woke up early to prepare a hearty breakfast for her and her brother so that they could function in school.

    ''beep...beep'' her cell phone signaled as she received a text message. She walks over to here dresser to check her message. It was her brother ''Could you please drop me of at school on your way.....pleaaaaaaseee''. God did she hate when he did this. She loved her brother Rob, but he was so annoying,its simply what 14 year olds do Lindsay thinks to herself. She never texts back as he knows that she will take him.

    Picking out her clothes for the day Lindsay smells pancakes and sausage and she thinks to herself ~Well maybe Ill eat some breakfast~ ''MOM, fix me a plate please'' she yells as she ties her shoes. Lindsy was the kind of person that would shower before going to bed so she wouldn't have to fight for it in the morning, all she had to do is go into the guest bathroom and brush her teeth and fix her hair.

    Walking down the hallway on the way to the stairs she walks by her brothers room who's sitting in front of his TV in his pajamas playing Super Smash Brothers Melee. ''Come on, seriously...... I'm not gonna wait on you'' she nags at her brother. He quickly jumps up and gets ready runs into the bathroom does a quick swoosh with mouthwash and yell's ''READY'' as Lindsay is already halfway down the stairs.

    Lindsay walks into the kitchen like she did almost every morning. It was a simple routine, wake up in the morning,get ready and dad and mom would be sitting in the kitchen. Dad usually already done eating and now sitting at the kitchen island reading the morning news. Her father a teacher of religion at the local college always put emphasis on how important the family breakfast was. Her Mother a stay at home mother who does the occasional party planning for her friends. ''I'm so glad you don't wear make up'' Lindsay s father says grinning at here.''Lindsay was a beautiful girl that didn't use make up and simply relied on her natural looks.

    ''Please go let the your dog out, He is your responsibility and if you want a car when you turn 16 you better show me and your father that you have what it takes'' Mom tells Rob as he runs in search for the dog, he readies the leash and heads for the front door.

    A loud bang and yelling voices fill the house''Get the FU** DOWN''a voice yells.''MOVE'' another yells as a gunshot and a short scream from her brother fills the house. Something terrible was happening. Lindsays mother frantically gets up in fear and grabs Lindsay opens the walk in pantry and pushes Lindsay into into it and shuts the door giving Lindsay a sign to be quiet.

    In panic Lindsay crouches down and looks through the small slits in the pantry door, tears are now streaming down here cheeks in confusion of whats going on.

    Three masked and armed men enter the kitchen screaming and yelling as two more run ransacking the house searching through drawers and ransacking the family's belongings. Lindsays breathing becomes heavy but her mom glances over and gives her a wink causing her to calm down.

    ''What do you want'' Lindsays father pleads as her mother lets out a cry,tears rapidly running down her face. The Men yelling at the two ''WERE IS THE FU**ING JEWELERY''. Lindsay mother didn't believe in owning expensive jewelery while poor people around the world lack food.''WERE IS IT'' one man yells. '' We don't have....'' her father manages to get out before being shot in the head. Lindsay immediately goes into shock but manages to keep quiet.

    Her mother now loudly screaming to blur out any sound that Lindsay makes,she falls onto her knees. The men quickly move over to her and grab her by her hair ''WERE IS IT'' they demand in a threatening tone. Lindsay thinking of going out to help her mother but her mom had hid her in the pantry for a reason. Her mother falls onto the ground face towards
    the pantry as she says in a pleading tone '' We don't have any.... please.....'' as one man says ''Fu** this'' readies his gun and shoots, just after her mom manages to locate Lindsays peeking eyes and spell out''I love you'' .................Silently on her lips....