• Staring out in front of me, I couldn't move. Frozen to the spot I stand, I could only look to the horror of this place.
    Everything was dark. Bones littered the ground, from the many victims of who lives here.
    In the middle of the room, two chains hung from the arched ceilings. At the ends of the chains, the vice like clamps that were on my ankles in the cell were used there for hands. Same goes for on the floor. There laid two more chains there for the person's ankles.
    "What is this place?" I whispered. My voice cracked in horror.
    Directly behind the torture chains was a table. The table was covered in a thick black cloth that all but glowed from the many candles set upon it. The table had many different levels to it. Going up like a pyramid, till there where 5 different levels. And on the very top level there was a pentagram, which stood on the bottom two points. On all the other levels were covered by the many candles used to light up the pentagram and the whole room itself. Each candle was different. Some were tall, fat, small, thin, thick, bright, bleak, splotched, and streaked.
    This room unlike the other cell room had many windows lining the walls. The windows where arched just like the ceilings. They where thin and they came to a rounded point at the top. The windows were made of stain glass. Almost like that of a church. But these were different. The glasses were not bright, cheerful, or resemble anything holy at all. No, these were dark and demonic with blacks, grey, dark blues, and horrid greens. Everything mixed together in perfect dark harmony.
    On the very bottom level of the pyramid, the table was a bit bigger. There was a clear glass bowl that shined like millions of tiny bright new diamonds, from the candles that surrounded it. This was the only nice looking thing here. But there was a real ugly thing to it. Inside of it there was a liquid in it that has a predominant milky color to it. What could that be? Maybe its water just some water with much too much salt in it. Like the water my mom used to make me gargle with when I had a bad sore throat. I highly doubt that though. In this place even the most normal looking things turned out to be something way worst.
    Next to the bowl with its strange content a mystery, there was an item that resembled one of those needle/ syringe things that the doctors use to draw your blood for testing and whatnot. What this was used for I really didn't want to know.
    Still searching the room, I heard the approach of footsteps from at least two people. Frantically I looked around for somewhere to hide. To my left there was a wall covered my dark shadows that you couldn't see into. Diving to the side so I was engulfed in the shadows, I held as still as I possible could, so that I would not be found. As the footsteps cam closer I could hear that the people were talking amongst themselves. Not being able to do anything else I listened to them.
    "Hey Elliott hurry up we gotta get this done so that the ritual can be carried out later." one of the guys called to the other really annoyed rough sounding voice.
    "Ok ok I'm coming Mark, you know you could help me out here I shouldn't have to carry everything by myself!" the other grunted back.
    "Fine ill help give me those."
    "Just take these one here and we just have to take them right over there to the table."
    The two men came walking past the wall I was hiding next to and when over to the candle covered table. How they could fit anything else on that table was way beyond my. From what I saw the table had maybe a big enough spot for barely a book let alone the bunch of tools they were carrying.
    "Ok Elliott help me move those candles there, to over there so that we can put these next to the bowl." mark pointed out gesturing so Elliott could understand exactly what he meant.
    "No problem Mark."
    The one who apparently called Mark had short blond hair that had a hint of a brown undertone. His facial features where more boyish than that of a grown adult that he I think was supposed to be. I could see that his eyes were a dark blue color. He whore a thick black cloak that had a hood. The hood was down of course.
    The weird thing was that I specifically remember that every one of the people who had chased me into the forest had had dark red glowing eyes. Just the memory made me shiver. But this guy had dark blue eyes. Huh?
    Now the Elliott guy was different. He had longish hair that had a bit of a curl to it. It was also a shade of dark brown with natural highlights of a blond color. He seemed younger than Mark but his features were more towards the man like stages. His eyes where a deep mossy green that brightened up with all too pale face. He too whore the same kind of thick black cloak, with his hood down.
    They stood there moving candles placing and replacing items on the table. It almost seems as if they had to have it a certain way and they just had to use trial and error till they find the right one. Weird.
    Not wanting to be caught, because that would be just my luck. I took a few hesitant steps back. Then a couple more... but that's when I heard a shuffling sound. Looking down and back I saw that I had bumped into a whole skeleton. I. just. Hit. A. skeleton!
    Sucking in a big gust of air, I was readying myself for a loud scream. At the last second I realized that if I was to scream id be found. I couldn't have that. I pulled my hand up to cup my mouth to hold back the building scream. It worked. Being as quiet as possible I listened for any sighs of detection.
    "Hey Mark did you hear that?" Elliott asked Mark.
    I turned around to look at them and froze. Both men had turned to where my gasping sound had come from. Then I took in their faces. Their eyes had turned the bright blood red color from the forest. Oh no! They looked in my direction expectantly. As if they where just listening for another sound, so that if there was another they would pounce. I stopped in mid breath to be totally silent. Well at least apart from my all too fast heartbeats. The heartbeats were a loud drumming in my ears that all but drowned out every other sound in the vicinity. I just prayed that they wouldn't be able to hear that.
    My lungs were burning from oxygen deprivation. But I fought against the erge to breath. And just as I was about to loose, they men relaxed and their eyes returned to normal. They turned back around and got back to work. With a quiet huff of air I let out the remaining air and took in an all too deep breath.
    They had I believe finished up the table. Because they were about to turn to leave when Elliott grabbed Marks arm to ask a question. The answer he got made my stomach drop all the way into my toes.
    "Why did we do all of this?" Elliott gestured to the items on the table again.
    "No one told you?"
    "No they just said something about a ritual but I don’t' know what for or any details."
    "Well our boss Loradore is going to use this ritual that has been used on many people before. It a way to gain power and more people for him to do is work for him. You know the girl we chased down in the forest Lilly I think, ya he says that she is too valuable to just let go so he is going to use this ritual to take her will out of her. Put the need and want, to be apart of our work. Then he will put it back into her. That way all she will want to do is do what he asks of her."
    Mark explained this as if it was just a day’s work and nothing bad. I couldn't move. It was hard to remember how to breathe. With my back up against the wall still, my legs gave out and I slid to the floor. I put my arms around my middle. I think I was going to be sick. This was horrible not only was I trapped here but I was going to be used in a ritual where I would be made to serve this Loradore. Shiver. I needed to get out of here and out now.
    Not even really paying any attention to reality I did hear the faint sound of an old bell being rung. This bell didn't sound happy or for a good cause. No where near a churches Sunday bell. No, this bell was a lower pitched and menacing sound. It made me shiver both physically and mentally.
    Mark and Elliott both jerked their heads in the direction of the bell like they had been called. They ran out of the room. So I figured that this was as good of time as ever to get up and out of this place.
    Not even looking at the table, mostly because I didn’t' even want to know what other horrible torture tools they had brought in. another shiver. Looking around the large room looking for and exit in my peripheral vision I glimmer of light caught my eye. That thing immediately had my whole attention. I walked slowly up to the thing. It was a small silver necklace with a thin chain. The pendant was in the shape of an eye and the stone in the middle of it was a small bright purple gem. There was also a small note attached to the necklace. Turn to the left and out the door there you will find what you’re looking for.
    Automatically I turned to my left following the directions of the mysterious note. Sure enough there to my left was a large almost invisible medieval looking wooden door. It was covered in vines, which mostly meant that out of the door was the outdoors.
    Taking the note and necklace with me I walked up to the door and opened it. There was a small path that leads to a whole other area, a big beautiful lush green garden. There was a white wooden arch all along and above the path. The arch was covered in the rose vines. The smell was the most beautiful scent I've ever smelled. There the smells of roses, baby blues, lavender, and lilac filled every breath you took with a scent that whisked your scenes away on a trip to scent heaven. All mixed into one wonderful scent. Mystified I took three steps out into the garden. Raising my arms out from my side, closing my eyes I took in a deep breath just breathing in my surroundings.
    Smiling to myself I lowered my arm and opening my eyes again I took another step. But just as I did a bright light exploded all around me. The instant change made me squint. There where colors that I just couldn’t' name surrounding me in the light. I shut my eyes tightly closed and dropped onto my knees and tried to get away from the blinding light. Not long after this all I could see was blackness.