• By: Dalton01Baby
    Chapter 1 the curse

    My friends said that it could never happen, Then why am I in a sewer? It is the year 2051 and a disese called f4-82 or the ballcum flu spread across the globe.

    "Danny you better run cause im about to get you"! "ya well lets see`ya try". {my friends are getting lamer by the day}. " hey Scorn you wanna play tag with us"? {what now} *sighs* "fine". That was two days before news about f4-82 hit america from spain. Over 100 million have died in a year already. The worst part is they say that the people never die, but that they get cursed no matter what they do.

    "mom"! "the TV is on the frits"! {god &%#$ the Tv im going out front} As I walk out of the basement where we keep the TV i grab my book. An hour passes, but out of nowhere an explostion happends and I am trown from my door steps and into my front door which falls over inward snapping the hinges. I blacked out. When I awoke I was in a white stained bed in a room with no windows or art nothing but the door and a stool. "AHHHH what the %&*#". As I scream in pain the door burst open. "You All Right Kid"? The man is holding an uzi fully loaded by the looks but how would I know im just a kid.{great} "ya im fine but where am I"? "umph you`ll have to ask my boss so get up for some grub already"!

    The food tastes horrable but I don`t mind. "So kid wondering of you survived out of an entire neighborhood"? {no not really} "well do ye"! " fine, fine, just tell me already"! "Ok so we are walking down the streets when we see a house bruned down exept a lumpy door, So I kicked it and it made a gagging sound so i removed the door and wala one annoying emo kid"! {So now im emo eh} "nice, hey can you hade me the carrots"? "WHAT!!!!!!!! YOU DON`T EVEN CARE"! "nope" "o well crying "


    hope you liked it chapter 2 comming soon