• I sailed through the air, twisted to face the alley, and skidded to a halt. I turned around quickly and rushed ahead to the park, which had very few trees and was basically an open field filled with grass and some streetlight around it.
    Everything was dim, and I felt strangly happy, probably from hat I just did. "Nice." Stopping to look over at who it was, I greeted Chase with a smile as he walked ovr to me.
    "Thanks, heh." I peered around. Chases eyed me with curiosity in his eyes before turning around, heading for the sidewalk. "Wait for me!" I yelled at him, skipping to catch up. 'Some people are just so annoying, Gosh!'
    Chase and I started walking down the sidewalk, watching random people run away with a vampire on their heels. They were kinda funny actually, weaklings, trying to fend us off.
    Chase turned to say something to me but when he noticed the hole on my neck he grabbed me and stopped.
    "What happened? Who bit you?" My hand lifted and felt alonmg the contours of my neck. "Oh! That, well,.." I looked over. Garth was in the alley, still with no shirt, leaning against the wall watching Chase and I talk. I could tell he was smiling. Oh boy,.. Chase too, glanced in the directin I was looking. "What were you two doing?!" His eyes were filled with humorw and he busted out laughing. I started sulking. As soon as Chase, 'controlled' his laughter, he waved Garth over. Immediately Garth bounded over to us, appearing infront of me within seconds. My almost lifeless heart began beating at a normal human pace, which was fast for us, and my nerves started rising and rising. Yet, I knew something like this would eventually happen.
    "What?" He asked Chase. But instead of looking at Chase, his eyes were glued to me. I felt like they were drilling into my thoughts, making me feel microscopic. So, I stared at a nearby tree, trying to avoid eye contact.
    "Oh hey guys! How were your hunts?" My mom asked, walking over quickly to hug me. 'Halelujah! Halelujah!'
    Thankfully my parents had walked up before Chase started asking any questions. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you,.. My dad is a vampire now, but he too, isn't a true vampire. He was turned by my mother, but not all the way.
    "It was great! Well, I'm gonna go home, I'm kinda tired.." I spoke fast with a shaky voice. I wished to leave more and more, my foot made a 'tap tap' soound on the sidewalk. Obviously Garth noticed, along with everyone else, and looked away smirking.
    "Well, I guess you could go home wihout us." My dad laughed as he looked over at Chase and Garth. I narrowed my eyes. He wouldn't dare,.. So now he was going to tease me about it. Well wasn't that just great, another new thing to bother me. My lip curled upwards as I glared at the ground. If he hadn't of thrown me into the air to Garth-. Realization hit me like a brick, sudden and hard. I stopped walking, and glared at Chase, and let loose a growl. "This is all your fault." My question caught him off guard, for he too stopped. "What?" His voice held pure curiosity. Did he seriously not get it? Maybe he just lost his common sense, though, I was the only one thinking about that certain situations. He frowned deeply, resting a few fingers on his lips thoughtfully. Chase was never accused of anything; he was to nice, to be accused of anything. But today, well, tonight was different. Then I heard Garth chuckle. My thoughts changed.

    “It was a set-up, wasn’t it?” I sighed, rubbing my temples. I should have known that it was all some set-up.

    “Yeah, pretty much.” This mad him smile and Garth frown. Clearly he didn’t like his cover being blown but then again, he had made it quite obvious..

    Chase sighed. “Well, we’d better start walking again if we want to get you home.” Flipping his hair out of his face, he looked away, and started walking down the sidewalk into the sub-division which thankfully was my street. I have been wondering when this walk would end, and at the rate we were going it would have been never.

    As we walked down the sidewalk, passing my neighbors house, I felt abnormally chilling fingers, trailing up my back, trailing up to my shoulder, and awaiting my acceptance. I threw up my hands, eyeing the stairs above me in question. “Why!” I screamed. Was this all so necessary. But, even if this was getting on my nerves, I let him rest his hand on my shoulders, till we reached my house at least.’ The house created multiple shadows. The lights were off, my parents had yet to return. I sighed. Shouldn’t they be home too? How much more of a hunt did they need? And then, I felt all tingly. My neck especially, were the bite was, felt like it was buzzing. My brows furrowed and I slightly touched the spot, felling something wet. What was it? The spot wasn’t oozing was it?