• That day will live in my mind forever. The day I became a warrior, fighting for my life in a world I don't understand. The day I began my journey through hell.
    It all started like a normal day. They always start like normal days. Life changing days, that is.
    I had just gotten home from work, and I was tired beyond even normal belief. I checked my email, and there was a message from someone named "The War Master.", but I ignored it, assuming it to be spam mail. I went to my room, got ready for a quick rest before dinner. As I lay in my bed, the weird things began. Time seemed to slow. I would wait for what felt like hours, look at my clock and find only a minute had passed. I just assumed I was tired and misjudging things, and went downstairs to see if anything good was on TV. But it wouldn't turn on. The remote light didn't even turn on when I hit the button. I pushed the button on the TV, and got nothing. I was getting more and more freaked out. Nothing worked, not even the clocks. Except, there was one last working object besides myself. My computer. I rushed to it.
    There was the message, from The War Master. I opened it. I read it. All it said was "Get ready." And that was when I was thrust into the war.
    My soul was torn from my body. I felt immense pain, and suddenly blacked out. All I remember was the words "Get Ready" flashing before my eyes.

    I awoke to find myself in a hell scape of fire, and I ran from the flames, unsure of where to go. I looked around for someone to explain what had happened, and saw a man standing by a tree. I started towards him, but he suddenly pulled out a gun and shot at me. I thought it was over.
    But then I learned to dodge bullets. And I learned fast.
    The shot sailed over my head as I bent back. I jumped behind some rubble and grabbed a rock. I braced against the rubble, waiting for my moment. When he stopped to reload, I hurled the rock at him from my hiding place. He moved to shoot it, and I struck, running from my position of safety, tackling him, wresting the gun from him.
    That day, I also learned to kill. I learned that to survive, you have to kill. And you had to be quick about it too. Or you were dead. Stone dead.
    I took his weapon. I took his ammunition, and what food he had on him. I left the body where it lie. A burial would take to long. And I had to keep moving. I spent the night in a ruined building, wondering what I had done to get thrown in here.

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