• it was on a monday really hot outside, people everywhere. Like most days im always in my yard and always with my friends Rachel, Tionna, and Ashley over but this day was totally weird.

    Nobody came over i was completely bored and i had to go to the store but i didn't want to go by myself so my mom had me ask this boy down the street. I actually hated him cause he tortured me everyday his name was Eric, blonde and kinda muscular.

    I was half way there when he came up
    "hey shorty what do you want. your mom called and told me that you had to ask me something."
    " well for your info my mom told me to come ask yo if you could go to the store with me cause i need to get the stupid groceries and i cant go alone"
    " go ahead and ask Shay"
    Ugghh"can you go to the store with me?" "ewwwww" i thought in my head.
    " well i have to think about it," he answered
    Eric took about 5 minutes to think about it
    " Ugghh wats your answer so i can go"
    "Okay, Okay!! I'll go but i want to drive.
    "kay," i sighed

    while i was in the car trapped cause he locked the door he tried to make small talk
    " which store do you want to go to."
    " J's market store"
    " why did you have to ask me to go to the store with me?"
    "My friends didnt come to my houe today and we were suposed to go to the store"

    Suddenly he ask me "do you want to go out?"
    I completely had no answer and i didnt know wat to say soi said yes which was a big mistake cause then he said " do you want to go see a chick flick" and those were his exact words too

    I actually said yes to that too and then i had to hurry up and tell my friends when i got home cause they were goin to freak
    " you have to be kiddin me" ashley said
    " really you cant go with him he likes to kiss on the first date and when i say kiss on the first date i mean not just a little peck" said tionna
    " you can't he's a freak shay" said rachel
    " i know i really didnt know wat to and i couldn't think of a nice way to say no. so know i have a date friday and i need you guys to come to cause i do not want to be alone with him again."
    "Kay shay we'll come but we dont have any dates"
    " go with somebodyanybody i dont really care."

    The night of the date we went to see A Night To Remember. It was awful i didnt even watch the movie all i did was talk to my friends. they went with a bunch of nerds that really didnt have any clue why a bunch of cheerleaders would ask them out. Eric got really irritated when we started talking about other boys.
    "Can you gus be quiet please" he said
    We didnt really want to be quiet cause this movie was really boring and he was all into the movie.when the movie was over he caught me and took me to his car instead of me going home with my friends.
    " What was with all the talking in there."
    " i really didnt enjoy the movie at all so i had to do something."
    " well i could have givin you something to do"

    Suddenly he was kissin me and he was terrible at it i had to gt the door open just to get away from him.he was all agressive with it and it was kinda gross cause he was all on me. I had to walk home cause i wouldn't get into his car. When i was half way to my house it started raining and i still refused to get into his car.

    * To Be Continued*