Follow Up on the “Alice Incident”

    After Alice and the White Rabbit left the rabbit hole, many became curious as to what happened to the new couple that had caused such a stir all across Wonderland. One of the Queen’s envoys had gone to the human side to find the answer to this question for our Queen. He also came by later to release that same report to the general public.

    In his report, he claims that when he found Alice in the human world, the White Rabbit was nowhere to be found. This begged the questions, are they not together? And where is the White Rabbit? In response to these questions, the envoy stated that once outside of the rabbit hole, the White Rabbit was able to get as far as the exit of the park, before he turned in to a human world bunny rabbit! The White Rabbit was no longer able to stand on two legs, speak, and even shrank in size!

    The next question raised is, why? The White Rabbit, while in the Red Queen’s service had ventured into the human world on many occasions without something like this occurring. So why would the White Rabbit change now? We at WONDERTimes want to know! So we asked the Cheshire Cat, an authority in Wonderland, with access to the most questionable information in the kingdom.

    “The White Rabbit would have been unable to maintain his body in the same way as it was maintained here simply because, by leaving, he was no longer under the Queen’s power. It is the Queen’s power that made him able to hop on two legs and speak in the first place. Once he left Wonderland, and he was free of the Queen, he became that which he was to begin with, a rabbit.” Said the Cat, who proceeded to grin a grin that took up the entirety of her face.

    While the Cat’s explanation made sense, it was quite frightening to think that it might be the Queen who has the power to choose in the end who can and cannot leave Wonderland. Concerning this issue, we decided to interview the Queen herself.

    In the interview, the Queen appeared to be more than a little defensive. “It was the Rabbit’s choice to go with that girl. I cannot maintain the magic that made him what he was while he was on the human side for very long. Not if I wanted to send my envoy. I can only supply enough magic to allow one individual into the human world at a time. By the way, I am looking for a new time keeper to replace the White Rabbit, if anyone is interested. Please call ahead of time to arrange an interview.”

    While the reason’s seem valid enough for the misfortune that befell the White Rabbit after he left the rabbit hole, some say that the Red Queen and the Cheshire Cat are acting in a way that suggests conspiracy. Noting that the Cheshire Cat and the Red Queen did conspire against Alice and the Mad Hatter, it is not too far fetched to believe that they may be omitting certain information pertaining to the White Rabbit’s situation.

    For now, it seems, that Alice and the White Rabbit are no longer a couple, and more troubling questions have arisen. This reporter will leave it to the readers to figure out what is really going on in Wonderland.