• Abandoned: Are we ever really alone?

    After being abandoned, Grace found a savior in the most unlikely of places.

    I am a girl within the darkness, with hair and eyes to match
    The shadows silently swallow me, a hold I cannot seem to catch.
    Everyday I am falling, into a hole within heart
    I can feel that sickening feeling, as I am pulled deeper into the dark.
    I want to cry out to scream for help but no one seems to hear,
    For all I am, is a memory, a whisper to an ear.

    The day her mother died, Gracie thought she would cry so much that she would eventually shrivel up from lack of bodily fluids…but she did not. When her mother died she thought no one would ever love as much as her mother did…she was wrong.
    Gracie had never felt so alone, her mother had died; her father abandoned her when he dragged his drunken a** out the door and down to the nearest pub. However, a stranger, a boy who walked out of the rain and into her school changed her life forever…

    The funeral was like any other black…sad… It was how Grace felt in side, empty. It was his entire fault, and she hated him for it. Like today, the rain poured down like a torrent of rushing water waiting to break free from the grip of those big black, nasty clouds. Now she sat alone in the classroom, it was 7.30am. School did not start for another half hour but she did not want to breathe the same air as him. She watched silently as the raindrops danced on the windowpanes. Water bounced up off the pavement outside; the rain, as it hit the hard dirt sounded like a bomb going off in her head. Her psychiatrist told her she needed to stop thinking so hard, but who would listen to a bald old man who found it amusing sitting there with his pen and paper saying “And how does that make you feel”
    Grace breathed on the window causing a small circle of fog to appear, hazing the outside world for a mere 6 seconds. The next time she did it, she breather harder making the circle larger, this time she wrote her name in it ‘Gracie’. It was the name her mother use to call her, except when she had done something bad, then it was, Grace Elizabeth Taylor! The last time she heard her mother speak her name was before he killed her, She had kissed Grace on the cheek and said “Its ok honey, its just some routine check up’s, it’s nothing major.” She stood on the step and watched her rounded mother roll herself into the car. Now…well now her father did not even speak her name, In fact, her father had not talked to her at all since then.
    Her mother had always told her “Your name is a symbol of your heart my dear, it is who and what you are…” She wished she could hear her mother’s voice again, but it was gone, lost in the eternal bond of death itself. Nearly 20 minutes had passed since Grace first walked into the classroom; it had been empty then. Now people were starting to bustle in and take there seats. No one sat near her, both desks remained empty; no one spoke to her so there was no need for her to speak. Her strange pale skin and dark hair caught the attention of no one, no one noticed her beautiful thin figure and her eccentric blue eyes… and this was how Grace liked it. She sat and listened to the chatter going on around her, but it all slowly faded away as she drifted into a conscious sleep, only to awake startled when the bell sounded. A short round professor walked through the very small doorway; he shrugged off snickers from the idiots in the room and took his place behind the desk. Slowly, and what looked quite painful to Grace, he picked up the chalk and wrote his name on the board ‘Professor Dumas.’ Once again, the sniggers came from the front row of idiots, but this time he turned around proudly and asked them in a soft but daunting voice if they had a problem with his name. All four boys shook their heads violently at him and sunk lower in their chairs. Grace smiled politely to him as he looked her way and she received the same greeting from him. In that moment of silence, the door opened with nothing but a creak, and there stood a rain soaked angel.