• Rock music blared into her ears, puonding her eardrums. She thudded upstairs to her attic bedroom, ignoring the yells of her younger siblings, the hushed arguing of her parents. The only reason she was able to ignore it, was the sound of her band, 3OH!3, blasting into her skull.
    As I cant do it alone ended, one of her bubble-gum pop Japanese songs started. She skipped it, usually she would've danced to it, but today, right now, she needed her earsplitting rock music.
    She rounded a corner and there it was. A black door with Aurora Willow Cypher painted on it in white. It was Auroras' doorway to heaven. No siblings, no parents, just her, her music, her books and her computer. Computer aka her life.
    She opened the door. The walls and ceiling were black, with splatters of bright colors all over. Her fluffy carpet was a glorious every color maze. There were three parts to Aurora's Attic. One, her bed area. Two, her 'hang with friends' area. And Three, which practically dominated half her space, was her library and reading area.