• On my daily morning list i wrote.
    1. Cracked my fingers
    2. stretch
    3. get some water
    4. reminded myself im not a nutshell (crazy dreams)
    5. take a shower
    6. And live a depressing day.

    I put on my favorite sweatshirt that said "Minnesota home of 10,000 lakes" and put on my backpack. Christina, (my best friend who's parents abandoned her when she was 4, met her in kindergarten,and adopted her) gave me some toast and we headed out to school.
    "Wanna take the shortcut? Whits, hello?" She asked. I looked up and awkwardly nodded. She stared in my eyes, and I twitched. "Lorenzo?" I looked at her. "Phsss. No!.... Yes..." I looked down and she smiled. She laughed alittle and shook her head. "If you really wanted to prove you liked him. Ask him out.-" I was about to say on Facebook, but she caught me. "In person.- And you have to do it." I snapped my fingers and looked up. "Why cant i just keep giving him secret 'i love you notes' those work still." She shook her head. "You need to catch up with dating these days." I looked down again.
    "You need to start flirting, no more, im shy, and i dont date, you need to be yourself, out outgoing, loud mouth self."
    I looked at her.
    "You are kind of loud mouth." I nodded knowing that was true. She patted my back and smiled. "Try it today." I smiled and we arrived. I turned around when i saw him. "Lets skip today." I said and headed to the Taco Shop. She grabbed my back pack, and threw me next to him.
    "Uh... Hi.." I nevously said. "Hey" He smiled and we walked to first period, Science.
    "Todays the big day!"
    "We get assinged project partners."
    "We might get to pick."
    "I would pick you, Whitney." Ok Ok, in out, ok i pinched myself to make sure i wasnt dreaming, i yelled, and nodded. "Me too." I smiled and we got in to the class.
    After 30 minutes of Mr. Fawcett's babbling, we finally got to the project. "Ok we will be writing down the people you want in your group." After all that he finally announced the groups. "Group 1, shannon, jill, shawna. Group 2, derek, mark, matt. Group 3..." And so on so fourth.
    Finally he got to the last group. "Ok group 12, this one has 4 people. Maddy, Dalton, Whitney, and Lorenzo." I smiled and looked at Maddy. Dalton and Lorenzo high fived and me and Maddy did our hand shake. But there was a twist to the group, there was so much going on with ouytside of class, we might be off track, it was my leadership to make this group work!