• It was so perfect, there was no word to mean what I could say.
    David was next to me, just playing with my hair, looking at me like a lovestruck seventeen year old.
    In truth, he was.
    But so was I.
    I sighed, resting my head on him.
    But every perfect moment has a flaw.
    The glass windows crashed, and thugmen came in, you could hear them even if they were a floor down.
    We looked at one another, panic on our faces.
    I got up, followed by him, and made my way to the window, opening it in one clean swipe. I motioned for him to go first.
    "No, Fayne. Go, I'll wait." He whispered, then helped me through. I jumped to the soft grass, the thud was muted by more crashing as they searched through my house.
    He jumped down, and took my hand while we headed towards the woods in a flat out sprint.
    We didn't stop.
    We knew the FBI would never rest.
    What we did, we didn't know.
    We just ran, untill we got to this underground room I had made with his help, for emergencies like this.
    I opened the door that was barely visible in the thick grass, and he helped me in. He closed the door once he got in.
    "What did we do?" I asked.
    But the idea hit me.
    Because of me.
    Because of what I am...
    I shook my head, and sat on the sofa bed we had put there, just in case. He sat beside me.
    "I don't know, Fayne." He whispered, with an arm around my shoulders. "We keep running, or die for whatever reason they wish."
    "I think I'd rather run." I laughed, then lay down, the tension lifted for a moment.
    He lay next to me, looking into my eyes once more. His dark brown eyes were alight with exitement from the run - if not, hell knows what - and his black hair fell in his face. He smiled.
    What a perfect match. The Annuya, and the Maya.
    I sighed, kissing his lips.