• Minor note; sarah speaks, striker speaks, ziran speaks, boa speaks, koji speaks
    Monster World Chapter 4- meeting Ziran and Boa

    As striker lead sarah though the halls of the temple, she noticed some weapons inside protective display cases, there were swords, nunchucks, tonphas, this temple had every fighting weapon known to man. Wow, this place must be the best fighting dojo in this world. Sarah thought, being impressed by the weapons. Hey striker. Hmm? Where do you think your friends are at? they're probably in the training room still practicing with eachother. Striker said and then decided to check the training room first. Woah slow down striker! sarah shouted as striker started running really fast and she was having a hard time keeping up with him. Sorry buy im getting anxious, we have to find ziran and boa so they can meet you. Striker said as he slowed down abit. Wow, striker really is impatient. Sarah thought, remembering what koji told her earlier. Do you think they'll like me? Oh yeah, they like meeting new people. Trust me they'll like you, I like you. Striker said as sarah had blushed at the last thing he said.

    There it is, the training room is right behind this door. Striker said, then he opened the room doors and there before them was a big training room, it had training dummies, weights and wooden boards for chopping with your hands. Wow, you guys got alot of training gear. Yep, we do our best to live up to master koji's expectations, speaking of training ziran and boa should be in here. They both looked in the training room and saw two young boys practicing with the training dummies. There they are. Hey guys im back. Striker called out. Huh? Hey strikers home. How's it going? the one with the gauntlets said. Im alright guys, I made a new friend. Hmm? Who's that girl with you? Is she the new frind you mentioned? The other boy asked, curiously. Yep, I want you both to meet sarah. The two boys walked on over to striker and sarah.

    Sarah got a good look at both boys and they were abit older then her. Hello sarah my name is Ziran. Ziran had metal gauntlets that looked like boxing gloves, pointed ears, short-blue spikey hair and orange eyes as well as some well defined muscles, Armored boots and torso armor. And my name is Boa. He had weird pouch'es on his belt, a straw hat, and a pair of gloves with a star on the back of both palms. Im pleased to meet you both. Hmm, i've never seen anyone like you before, do you live nearby? Ziran asked. Uhh No actually, i live very far away. How far away? Boa asked, intrigued by sarah's words. Well I live in a town in another world. What?! They both said at the same time. Yes and I was hoping that you two could help me . Hmm, I don't know, another world sounds a little farfecthed to me. Boa said. I agree, striker is this girl for real? Ziran asked expecting proof of sarah's story. Yes, it's all true. I saw her fall from the sky and into the pond. Both ziran and boa's eyes went wide, they both know that striker rarely ever lies and this was no exeception. Well she does look a little wet. Boa said. Well any way, she really does need our help and master koji already agreed to help by training her along side us. So what do you say? Ziran and boa both thought about it and then looked at eachother and nodded. Alright, we'll help you get back to your home, im not sure how but we'll do our best to help. Boa said. Yep But how can we get her back home? Ziran asked striker. Yes, koji said a magic sword can do it but we have to find all of it's pieces first. Hmm, did koji tell you why it was broken? Boa asked with good reason. No, just that it was in six pieces. Striker said. Maybe we should go asked koji about this sword. Good idea ziran, master koji is bound to know what happend to it and where the pieces are. Boa said. So what are we waiting for? striker said enthusiastically. Yeah let's go ask him right now! sarah said and so they left the training room and headed straight to the meditaiting room and found koji waiting on them.
    I see you all got aquaintnted with our newest student, that's very good. Koji said with a smile. Master koji we want to ask you something. Striker said Yes my son, what do you need? Koji said. We want to know about the spirit sword's past, can you tell us? Hmm, somehow i knew you would ask me that. Koji said. Come closer my students and I will tell you what I know. They all came close enough to hear what he had to say. He pulled out a scroll showing the sword's pieces and said.

    Long ago, a mystical man named creator came down from the heavens and brought with him a blade he had forged with his own hands he called it "the sword of six spirits". Each spirit represented an element. Fire, water, wind, lightning, earth and daylight. The sword was his instrument of justice, nobody could beat him however, one day he vanished. Where did he go? sarah asked. Nobody really knows but his sword remained here on monstra. One day an evil man named "stripes" waged war on this world and he almost succeeded until a brave man weilding the very sword that creator had made fought the fiendish tyrant and destroyed him. However the battle was so intense that the sword broke into six pieces, each one containing an element. I just so happen to have a piece of it. Really? Striker said. Yes i'll show it to you. Out of his robe he pulled out a sword fragment. This is the fire piece, it has the force of a raging inferno. I'll tell you the location of the other five later, we still have to train you sarah for the dangerous journey ahead. Ok koji, let's get started. I'll do my best to keep up, I promise. Sarah said. Very well then, I hope you can fight in that dress. Koji said launging like an old man. Oh believe me! I will. Sarah said. Well you heard her guys,lets get started! Striker said then they all shouted YEAH!

    To be continued. Next time on monster world chapter 5-training and shadows of the past return.