• I do the only thing I can do I help her up and when she falls down again I pick her up.

    " put me down "

    " No you will fall down again "

    " Tyler put me down now "

    " Fine " I put Melissa back on the ground. And begin to walk away leaving her on the ground. I walk about ten steps.

    " Okay help "

    I turn around and walk back to her this time not picking her up but just helping her up. I help her walk back to her house and then continue my walk. I walk all around town avoiding my house and the house where my sister was murdered. Murdered by her own friend. Or at least someone who she thought was her friend. Now I'm not so sure. If she was really her friend would she have did that. I want to ask her why she did it but I can't because I don't know where she is.

    I loop around to go to my house and I pass the house again. The blood is still there. The blood of my sister.