• So....

    Over the last couple of months me and Kazu have seemed to get..um...closer. Yeah closer is the word. Really close.........

    ..Moving on!!

    Today I woke up. Found Kazu sitting on the couch, with a letter in front of him and he didn't see to happy.

    "Hey." I said leaning over the couch, looking over his shoulder.
    ...He didn't reply.
    "Kazu....." nothing.
    "Kazu?" still no. So I took a deep breath and.......
    "KAZU!!!!!!!" screamed at the top of my lungs into his hear. Still nothing. I began getting worried.
    "k-Kazu?" I asked. I was in front of him now, on my knees, looking up at his face. No reply.

    I frowned, got up and walked back to his room. I sat on his bed for a while, wondering what was wrong with him. I looked at the clock and decided to make something to eat.

    To the kitchen I went. I looked through the cuboards, trying to figure out what to make. I made my self a grill cheese sandwich, ate it, washed my plate. And when I finished drying my hands. Cold hands went over my eyes.

    "Alright Kazu I can tell it's you." I said with a smile on my face.
    "Can't stop a guy for trying."

    He wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck. I shivered at his touch, but little by little I've been getting use to it.

    "Sorry about earlier. I got unexpected news." he explaind.
    "Like what kind." I could tell he wanted to tell me, but at the same time he didn't.
    "My parents want me to visit them."
    "That should be wonderful news."
    "Well. It's not."
    "Because I hate my family."

    He explained his story. And after I understood him more.

    "...and if I go visit I can't leave you alone."
    "Then bring me with you."
    "Ami there's no telling what would happen if I did. My brother might try.....stealing you from me. And trust me Ami, I really don't want anything bad happeneing to you."
    "Kazu I gone through horrible abuse and I've survived it!! I'm pretty sure I can survive your family!!" I yelled.
    "Ami they're Vampires..." he said still trying to convince me.
    "I don't care! I don't give a s**t! Kazu I've grown too attached to you and there is no way I can stand a day without you."

    Things were silent for a while. Then he smiled. Which made me smile.

    "Fine. But only because, we've grown attached."
    "When do we leave?"
    "Tomarrow, early in the morning. So pack now and get some sleep."

    I did exactly what he told me. I crawled into bed, not shortly after Kazu did too.
    Heput his arm around me and said good night to me, I then closed my eyes and fell straight to sleep.

    ~~Kazu's P.O.V.~~

    I didn't really get any sleep since I don't need it that much. I just took a nap and watched Ami sleep....until I realized I haven't drunken blood in a while. I didn't want to leave her, but I had to. I got up and left. Walking into the peaceful streets. And for the past couple of months they have been really peaceful.

    ~~Ami's P.O.V.~~

    I awoke and seen my bags weren't on the floor,which was where I left them.

    "They're in the car." he said,coming out of the restroom.
    "Car?" Kazu didn't have a car. I know it's weird.
    "My parents sent one. And I'm going to have you wear this." He held up a very familiar black, buttoned up, long sleeved shirt.

    A huge grin was plastered onto my face. I changed and we got into the car.

    "Why excatly do I have to wear this?" I asked him.
    "So my brother and family know your mine." he simply replied.

    The car finally reached a nice light green house. It was HUGE! A mansion. Looks like those old houses you see in movies. With the porch, windows covered with curtains, that one window frame.

    We got out and walked into the house, which was really sparkly clean.

    "Glad to see you again.....brother." A male voice said. I looked up and seen a boy. Older than Kazu, with black hair, the pale skin and red eyes. He was standing in different room thats was pitch black.

    Our gazes locked and I could tell, we really weren't going to get along.

    ~~~Kazu's older brother~~~

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