• I opened the door to my mother's hospital room, 519. She was really pale and she looked 60, she was only 31. I walked over to her bed and crouched next to her. She turned her head slowly and said. "Sofia, I can't afford the surgery and the surgery might just kill me anyway... But they said that I might make it if..." She closed her eyes and then opened them again slowly. "If I ask for a loan and get permanent surgery by the surgeon that has the best degree... I... Love...You." the machine next to me wailed, and nurses and doctor's rushed in. My eyes gushed with tears.
    "MOM, MOM, WAKE UP YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME I LOVE YOU TOO!" I was kicking and screaming my hair plastered to my face as the guards slowly dragged me to the bench across the hall.
    I woke up. It was a dream thank god. I got up put my blazer on and put my navy blue skirt on too. My brown naturally curly hair bounced as I walked to the kitchen to make my breakfast. I made some scrambled eggs and ate quickly. I scooped up my books and swung my back pack over one shoulder. And ran up to the bus stop. I saw my bff Kronk standing there wearing his school uniform too.
    "Hi, Kronk. Did Ashley ever call you back?" I asked putting my stuff down and packing the back pack with the books.
    "Hey, Sof. Yeah she called back and I asked her she said yes." he said. My green eyes met his blue eye(his blonde hair was covering his other one)
    "Dude seriously Ashley? No offense but she is like way out of your league." I said zipping up my bag.
    "None taken but dude seriously I like her not just cause she's pretty because she's nice too." he said
    "I don't mind but. But you know maybe you should pick someone you actually know for your first gf. Like Franny."I said
    "Franny the actual dumb blonde? Uh you feeling ok there Sof?" he asked me pressing his cold hand on my forehead.
    "I'm fine." The bus rolled in thank god now that we are off that subject I'm happy. When we sat down together as usual Ashley said. "Hi Kronk come sit over her boo." Boo? Who was she kidding? Sigh. Kronk looked at me questiongly.
    "Go on." I said with a huge breath of air at the end. He slid out of the seat and sat next to Ashley. She kissed him on the cheek, and hugged him. Man she worked boys bad.
    We stopped again. Wait we don't usually stop here we usually go to school after us. A boy walked up the steps. He's new I know everyone. He has to be new. He sat his black haired, peach skin down next to me. I mean I have no problem with a totally hot guy sitting next to me but he didn't even ask if he could sit there.
    "Oh sorry if you don't want me sitting here I'll leave." he said gathering up all his stuff and was about to get up when I pulled his backpack down.
    "Their aren't any other seats that you'd wanna sit in." I said. He grinned and turned around putting his knees in the seat. He didn't let me see him grin but I know he was. "Listen there is only two seats left and that is this one, and the trouble makers seat and they don't like new kids." I said trying to tell him why I had pulled him down.
    "Thanks, but I can handle myself I can tell you don't want me here Sofia." He said getting up again. He walked down to the back of the isle . I shook my head and thought, Oh well his trip to the nurses office. Hey wait how'd he know my name.
    The bus stopped at Holly ridge middle school. Everyone got off. I got off after the new kid. He was limping and his shoulder was off a few centimeters.
    "Told ya'."I said as we got near the door. I walked past him as he went to the nurses office.
    "Sofia, can you help me find the nurses office?" he asked
    "Sure." I turned him all the way around and walked him toward the principal's office. On our way I asked. "How do you know my name and what is your name?"
    "I'm a mind reader and I'm Meden." he said casually as if that made what he said any more casual
    "What?" I asked weaving through the crowd coming from the bus load loop.
    "I'm Meden." he said
    "Before that dummy." I was confused therfore angry.
    "I'm a mind reader. Don't even ask again if you do I will be very angry." he said. He did read minds I had been thinking about asking again except for adding 'a mind reader?'
    "Here. Hello Ms. Farell can you help our new student here with a twisted ankle and a dislocated shoulder." I asked sweetly
    "Sure thing Sofia. What is your name?" Ms. Farell asked getting some gause and putting gloves on.
    "Meden Freeman." he replied Ms. Farell pushed on his shoulder and said. "Stay calm." Ms. Farell pushed harder and Meden stood still as agonizing pain should have went through his body. Ms. Farell in shock thought he should have at least gasped but he didn't they had heard the deafining crack from his shoulder but nothing from him. She got the gause and stared at Meden in awe. She wrapped up his leg. And then asked that Sofia show him to his classes.
    "Sure thing Ms. Farell." I said again in a fakely sweet voice
    "Well you'll be off then you don't want to be late for first block of 7th grade."Ms. Farell said ushering them outside into the bustling crowd of people.
    "Ok let me see it. The schedule." I said impatiently I hated using my sweet voice with teachers. He fumbled through his bag as I put my hand out in front of me the other on my hip. He pulled out a neat looking paper that said all of his teacher's names and rooms on it. She glanced at his schedule and sighed, they had every last block together including electives and health/pe.
    "What's wrong Sofia?" Meden asked
    "Nothing we have all the same classes.That's all. Follow me do you have your instrument Ms. Caves will be peeved if you don't. Gotcha'." I said "Ms. Caves doesn't ever expect us to have it on the first day. Anyhow come on."I said going with the flow of people to the only seventh grade classroom upstairs. It was math class. After math they went to social studies then health, and then to band and then Science / Lunch at the same time. Science 20 minutes, then lunch 20 minutes, then science for 40 minutes. After Science they had Sofia's favorite class Language Arts.
    I got on the bus in a hurried attempt to get away from Meden even though I had no idea where he was. Meden was sitting down next to Ashley. Thank God. Wait Meden, Ashley? KRONK! Kronk and Ashley so had to have broken up. And sure enough when I sat down next to him in out usual seat he had his fingers running through his hair and his head looking toward the window.
    "Go ahead say I told you so." he said not looking away from the window. It was nice and sunny out though.
    "That takes the fun out of it and no. She just didn't want you she wanted Meden." I said I reajusted my blazer and slid my bag to the floor below us.
    "Well, no I should've listened to you Sof." he admitted glumly
    I sighed and looked over at Meden with Ashley's arms wrapped around his shoulder's.She was kissing him because the seats were so tall that the bus driver couldn't see us. And boy was she kissing him I haven't seen her not talk for so long. Which I gess is why Kronk wasn't looking away from the window. It was a horrific sight it was. Her blonde hair covering his face. Nasty I looked away.
    "I think I'm gonn' hurl." I said to Kronk
    "Yeah that's what I thought when I saw her in the hall."he said still not looking form the window. The bus stopped and Me, Kronk, and. Meden? got off.
    "Meden What are you doing on this bus stop. You get off on the next one."I explained. he shrugged
    "I needed to get away from the mouth sucker." he said wiping off his face. for no reason. I glared at him.
    "What? She is killing me. I was walking down the isle looking for an open seat and then the next thing I was pulled down and she started kissing me." he started,the bus rolled by. "I don't know how Kronk put up with it." he finished
    "He likes her that's all. I guess. She broke up with him today and they started going out today. And the dude's crushed."I said reajusting my bag.
    "I'd gladly get that leach off my head onto his if that's what he wants." He said "Because you know what she was thinking the whole time we were kissing? She was thinking. I feel really bad about dumping Kronk. Me and him looked good together. I mean me and whoever this is don't but whatever. Just keep kissing. I do not know how she thinks that way." he said in an immitation of Ashley
    "I hate her she is such a jerk." I said "Well I got to go." I said releived to get home. I put my book bag on the floor inside the door. No one was home in my three person family. Me my mom and my dad. I walked into the kitchen grabbed an orange and went upstairs to enjoy my no homework Monday. I ploped down on my bed and called Kronk.
    "Hello?" Kronk said
    "Hey, Kronk what you doing?" I asked him
    "Nothing hey you wanna' go to Mcdonald's?" he asked
    "Umm sure, meet you there." I said getting up and grabbing my phone and some money.I met up with Kronk on the corner of the street. We walked the five minutes to the closest mcdonald's.
    "Who's paying?" I asked
    "Me, I guess. I asked you here." he said. We walked into Mcdonalds. It was actually quiet empty. Meden was in the corner of the Big Mcdonalds. Oh gosh why was he everywhere. He looked up and mouthed. I don't know? With a quizical look on his face. He got up and walked to the other side of the room and got in line behind Kronk and Sofia. Kronk turned around.
    "Hi Kronk, no hard feelings buddy?" Meden asked. Reading his mind Meden said. "Of course. Dude listen I don't like Ashley. I was looking for a seat and she started kissing me. I didn't even sit down." he said. I turned around.
    "Hi Meden." I said "Bye Meden." I byed him and turned Kronk away from glaring at Meden. I felt bad for the poor dude. He didn't even like her and she didn't either. We ordered two vanilla ice cream cones and sat down. Meden ordered a snack wrap.
    "Dude don't you love monday's with no homework?" I asked Kronk trying to get him to stop glaring at the new kid Meden. It's weird but I think I like him. In a friendly way you know?
    "Yeah I guess." he said.
    "Dude come on I could put your ice cream on your face and you wouldn't care." I said turning his head.
    "I'm sorry Sof." He said looking back toward me
    "Ok how bout' this finish your ice cream and we can go to my house and make my famous cookie dough tasting cookie dough cookies." I said
    "Yes ok." he said. You'd be surprised how fast he scarfed down his ice cream. I'd already been done with mine.
    "Race ya'." I said once we were at the top of my hill. I ran down with Kronk behind me. I won to the door and I had to wait as Kronk started walking. When he got there we made my secret recipe. Kronk ate almost every cookie.
    I hit him on the head and said. "Hey give me some. And stop I need some for lunch tommorow." I said. He walked to the other side of me. I didn't know where he went. So I turned around and without looking started walking and hit his head. More specificly his lips. And I was in shock when he licked his tounge on my teeth.
    I pushed him off of me. "Ugh. What is your problem? I bumped into you and you think it's ok to kiss me?" I asked him
    "Sorry Sof. I thought... Never mind I'll go home." he said heading toward the door. I stopped him.
    "Wait. No answer my question." I ordered him
    "Ok look. I thought you kissed me. So you know it was instinct. Ok, I didn't mean to." He said putting his hands in his pockets. He walked the rest of the way to the door. "See ya' tomorow Sof." he took one hand out of his pocket and opened the door.
    Today was very tiring. Her parents wouldn't be home till 11:00. An hour after Kronk left it was 4:00 and Meden came to her door. How did Meden know where I lived? Oh well.
    "You know your mind is kind of hard to figure out. Everyone else is like a book I can look at their past and present. You it's just present it's like one thing after the other happens and then shut your mind to it." he said
    "No I didn't know that. And it is that way one thing happens and I shut my mind to it once I figure it out. Why are you here." trying to get my mind out of that situation
    "Just thought I'd come and say hi. So Hi." he said. All of a sudden my mind seemed to burst and everything went white and then, memories came back.
    A girl with short brown hair that was straightened who was wearing a pink flowered dress that came to her ankles appeared then the scene faded in. She was at the park and their was a few other kids she looked like she was 5 years old. She looked around and saw one kid who looked sad. She walked over to the little blonde haired kid. She tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up and his pool blue eyes looked sad.
    "What's the matter?" the little girl asked
    "No one wants to play." he said
    "Ok. Tag your it." She said running towards the slide. And the memory faded.

    The same girl a little bit older around 8 years old. With curly brown locks hanging over her shoulders was crying into a small cloth. A boy with short black hair and brown eyes appeared and the scene faded in. She was outside at in what seemed to be a backyard. They were at a party like place.
    "Are you ok?" He asked. The little girl shook her head and said.
    "No I'm not ok." she said
    "Oh. What happened?" he asked the little girl
    "The birthday boy. Daniel. Hit me on the head and made me fall into the pool." she explained. She was, indeed soaking wet.
    "I'm sorry about that." he said he patted her shoulder lightly and sat down next to her on the bench. "I'll be your friend if you want." he said
    "Really. Wait what is your name?" she asked
    "I'm Logan. Who are you?" he asked
    "I'm Sofia." she said
    "Do you want me to ask for a towel for you Sofia?" he asked.
    "No I'm good Logan. Logan how old are you?" Sofia asked
    "I'm 9 years old. And how old are you?" Logan asked
    "I'm 8 years old." Sofia stated. The scene faded. And the white light didn't come this time, but instead the face of Meden. Sofia was crying.
    "That's why I close off memories Meden. I'm always crying in them. And everyone thinks they need to help me." I said "Well guess what I don't need anyone." I almost yelled. I fell to a heap on the ground crying. Meden put his hand out in a helping manner.
    "Don't just, just don't touch me." I said. I thought about earlier today when me and Kronk were making cookies. I was kind of mean to him he really did think I meant to... don't even think about Sofia. Meden retreated his hand and hung out his other hand and grabbed my hand from out of under my head. Stood me up and brought me inside of my house. He lie my down on the couch and grabbed a blanket from the opposite side of the couches. He put it on me and lie down next to me. I didn't object because i was to tired. Before I closed my eyes I thought I felt him kiss my hair lightly.
    He wrapped his arm around me securely and then my eyes fluttered closed and I slept. I woke up around eight o'clock, with Meden getting up off the couch. I grabbed his arm.
    "Where are you going?" I asked him he turned and stared at me.
    "You don't remember me do you?" he asked shaking his head and moving his arm away from me.
    "Logan wait!" I said as he walked towards the door.
    "Is that all you can remember honey?" he asked turning around solemnly
    "Honey?" I questioned his statement.
    "I meant Sofia."
    "What else is there to remember?" I asked getting up as he walked away.
    "Nothing hon...Sofia, nothing at all." he said hanging his head about two inches from the door.
    "Are you trying to say that I went out with you?" I asked him unbelieving
    "Yes you did but forget it bye honey...Sofia." he said walking out the door finally lifting his head.
    I sat there stunned. I did remember but how?