• Seven hundred years ago, when the world was cursed by the angered souls’ wrath, a young king rose to the thrown of Emphillium. As he gazed upon his land, storms tore at the remnants of hope for peace. Man and beast alike suffered from disease, famine and war.
    The young king prayed to the Heavens, he prayed for his ancestors to answer his calling and asked them why they must live in despair. His ancestors replied, “Anger… from all those who have been long forgotten.” The young king asked for peace in return for faith and only then did his ancestors finally agree. Long lasted the battles for eternal peace within the Heavens, to that the people finally saw light pour down from the dark sky. Upon the storms dying, life lived once more, bringing an end to disease and famine.
    Hearing of Emphillium’s prosperity, the kings of the five other regions gathered. In their greed, they plotted destruction of Emphillium’s royal family. In the end, the young king fell but brought up one last request. He said, “Be no longer angered and set your soul free, you’ll see the utmost truth of why we enter the Age of Prosperity.”
    The five kings watched as the young leader of Emphillium breathed his last breath to finally realize their mistake. For their remaining life, they did what he asked and understood more of what it meant to “set your soul free.” They spared the revolt and began to praise to the world, “Lord Chimaro, our savior till the very end.”