• The big belly screech,
    Lived in Screechy, Screech, Screechville,
    But one day he went,
    To Eachy, Each, Eachville.

    And here at this town,
    The big belly screech,
    came upon something,
    On this town's very beach.

    It was a pretty, old, Each plant,
    The rarest of all,
    With yellow leaves, and a little green stem.
    The old eachy plant,
    Had what looked like a gem.

    But it was nothing expencive,
    It's rather quite sad,
    And what it did to the sneech,
    Was very,

    Wow, what a gem!
    The sneechy sneech thought.
    So he took it with thinking,
    "It is very expencive!"
    But really,
    It's not,
    It's not,
    It's not.

    The Big Belly Sneech,
    Felt a very bad itch,
    And he felt it all over,
    Till the very last inch.

    He now is still itching,
    All over his belly,
    He is sweaty from itching,
    And is now very smelly.

    Oh what is this,
    The coolest of all,
    I think he's just found,
    The Sneechy, Sneech, Plant!