• I Wish I Had Better
    Superpowers! By juju149_13

    Chapter One On the first day of middle school, everyone thought of as the "popular troublemaker".(At least that's what
    I think!) But guess what? I ended up being the "weird girl, who's always quiet".I didn't intend to give off this sort
    of impression;it was just that i was nervous! But, i was nervous for the FIRST THREE MONTHS OF MIDDLE SCHOOL. And I still
    am! I don't know why, but it's just- I don't know! Also, I really am seen as the "weird girl..." because I hang out with...
    how can I say this... I don't technically like to use the terms "Dorks" "Geeks" or "Nerds". But that's what they are.
    They're dorks. Geeks. Nerds. Not turds. If anything in the world,they would not be turds. Turds are the ones that throw
    gasoline on your grill while you're cooking something. And then there's a fire and you'd have to call an ambulance and- am I
    doing too much with that? Anyways...

    Chapter Two