• ...are of those days. Those few days of Summer Camp. There was the kindest girl there. She was Natasha. All the other kids were horrid to me, but not Natasha. Hair like melted chocolate, eyes like the beautiful ocean. One day, I sprained my ankle on the obstacle course. She helped me up. From that day on, the Summer Camp grew on me, like Natasha. The luscious interior of the cabins. The vibrant colours of the mess hall. The tall and mighty oak trees. Everything was perfect.

    One day, we were going for a swim in the lake. I noticed Natasha from a distance, but something diverted my eyes from her. The other kids were destroying this azure lake! They were throwing trash into the water, turning its colour from a sapphire blue to sewerage green! They were breaking branches off trees! Even my beloved Natasha was kicking up the emerald green grass! They were destroying my sanctuary. I couldn’t let this be. This Summer Camp was my second home. I wanted to live here forever. They couldn’t do this. Precautions had to be taken. This camp must be liberated. We were told not to hit the fire alarm unless it was an emergency, and this was an emergency. My one true friend was being destroyed. Everyone heard the sirens, and swarmed out of the marvellous camp. Legs sprawled out everywhere. In the tall and intimidating looking guard’s cabin kept a shotgun. It would be my tool to cleanse this camp of the vermin. My animal instinct came over me, and when it wore off, police cars were everywhere, and the remains of a corpse, with a bullet hole in the head. Out of no where, hot grey entered my grey matter. I would get my wish. I would live forever in the Summer Camp. My strongest memories are of those days.