• "Hi Sally”
    “Hey Fred, a rose for your mom?”
    “Yeah, she is still in the hospital.”
    “Oh, that is to bad tell her I said hi and to get better quick.”
    “Sure thing, Sally. Oh by the way, what was your sisters boyfriends name again? Your sister had told me that I might be able to buy his old house.”
    “Daniel Smith, Why are you looking for a house?”
    “I need a bigger place so I can move mom in with me so I can take care of her. My shabby apartment isn’t big enough.”
    “Oh well, his house is a decent size, it might do you good and I’m sure you can get it from him for a decent price.”
    “Thanks for the help Sally, see ya later.”
    Daniel Smith, Daniel Smith, Daniel Smith. Damn where is that piece of paper? I had it just a second ago! Oh there it is. s**t what was that name? Danny Clith? No, no, no, that’s not right. OH well, I will think of it in a few minutes. Now where is Hallmark? I think it is at the other end of the mall… yup right there. Now where is the card isle?
    “Maim, where are the cards?”
    “Umm, Sir they are right there.”
    “Oh right, thanks I’m tired, I had a long night planning this date that I’m having tonight for my girlfriend.”
    “Well, I hope you have fun.”
    Perfect! This card is perfect!
    Fred p ulled a card off the shelf. It was a simple black and white card, with two pe ople holding hands on a beach. The inside was white with no writing. He walked up to the counter and purchased it, along with a ballpoint pen. He walked out to his car and wrote this:
    The love of my life,
    I love you so much! We would walk on the beach holding hands, kissing and just having fun. Then you left me, you broke my heart, because you were tired of me. You wanted someone fresh and young, someone like that Danny Smith. I had given you everything you wanted! And this is all I get back? A broken heart> well I won’t let you do this to anybody else. I won’t let you break anybody else’s heart like you did to me. See you in a minute.
    Your Freddy
    He then walked to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, happy that he had kept the key. He laid the card and the simple rose, he had bought earlier that day, in the arrangement he wanted, so she would see them right when she walked in the door. Then he turned and exited the apartment, walked down the hall, and around the corner where he stood and waited.
    About half and hour later she walked down the hall to her apartment. Once she was inside, he waited about five minutes for her to read the note. Then he walked up and knocked on the door. When she opened it he casually walked inside. Walking around the room, he started closing the windows, to help buffet the sound, asking her how she was.
    Once everything was just right he turned to face her. He pulled a gun out of the back of his pants, slowly raised it to aim at her , and whispered, “I loved you and gave you everything.”
    Then as she screamed he pulled the trigger.