• I wandered around the beautiful house, and found a fascinating bathroom. It was so big it could pass as a living room with a sink and a shower.
    I passed by the mirror. And that’s when I noticed, I was normally black haired pain skinned and blue eyes,. Now my hair was more healthy-looking ,I was pale and the eyes startled me; bright, noticeable red eyes.
    I wandered into the very warm-colored kitchen, I guessed I wandered this way because of that delicious smell coming from it. It reminded me of my sore throat. Lexi was here shaking up a bottle of red liquid. At first I thought it was salad dressing, I was going to ask later. She noticed me but never stopped her perfect movements.
    “Can I get u something to drink dear?” she asked. She must have been a psychic. “How’d you know?” I asked jokingly. She figured it was a yes so she stopped the shaking and poured me a cup of it. I could smell it from where I was. It didn’t smell like salad dressing but like something else I’ve smelled.
    “Wine?” I asked, curious. She laughed and said, “No but that’s close enough,” it was a good enough answer for me so I took a sip. It felt swell down my throat, so I gulped the rest down. She laughed again and said, “there’s more where that’s from. I was glad there was more because my throat still screamed at me for not feeding it. “What is it?” I asked curiosity was killing me. “Mountain Lion,” she answered, then walked back to the fridge and began shaking it again. It was a new smell, so I assume its not what I’m having.
    “Huh?” was all I could say at the moment. “It’s part of the explaining part, dear. I’m waiting on the rest of the family to get back before I say a thing.” Soon, she poured a new cup for me.
    “What’s this one?” I asked, my curiosity was impolite now. She didn’t care, “Elk.” She smiled and answered the look on my face. “This one’s my favorite, and its easy to catch. The Mountain Lion is Eric and Sam’s favorite. Taylor prefers any type of bear. Daphane likes Elk to but sometimes shares with Taylor. Allyssa like them all, or at least I think she does. She likes black bear the most because its smaller,” she admitted.
    I know I’m going to have to be open-minded when the explaining part does come. “So is this like some special diet you guys are on, or what?” I asked assuming my curiosity wasn’t a problem. She laughed, “that’s probably the best way to put it,” she admitted. She laughed low this time and said, “the others will be here soon you wont have to wait to much longer.” Good the suspense was killing me. I nodded. Then I walked back to the couch and wrapped my arms around my knees, while still holding my cup o’ Elk. It made me giggle when I called it that.
    I sat there for a while just comprehending what any of this was supposed to be.