• I pretty much lived in a dump, the worst part of town. The place with all of the criminals. Totally ironic, eh? Me, the king’s champion, living with the criminals. But this is my home. I’d never leave it. I have, uh, upgraded my home though. I’ve added a stable, field, and extra rooms. I’ve also refurbished my place too, although it’s still a mess… As I walked in I checked all of my wards, none of them had been disturbed which was good and I moved on to the field and called water to it. The grass eagerly absorbed it. They weren’t too happy about me being late.
    “Sorry guys. I had some stuff I had to deal with first.” I told them and left to go and check on Darkness, my Pegasus. She had and all black coat and black feathers with cream tips. She had purple eyes.
    You are late. Why? Darkness asked. I quickly explained everything to her.
    I’ll finally be able to save them! I exclaimed happily.
    Do not expect everything to be so easy, Marina. Bast is looking forward to your visit and will be expecting you. Darkness warned.
    I know this! I told her and got to brushing her down. I turned her out to the field and left a trough of food and water out for her and went inside. My ocean blue walls greeted me and I took a right and then another right and I arrived at my room.
    My room had 2 windows. Underneath one window was a mattress covered in a pearly blue blanket. Across from it was my personal library, or at least part of it. Underneath the second window was my trunk that was enchanted to hold unlimited objects. I reached in, grabbed a black tunic, black pants, black leather boots, my 8 daggers, my spiked strap, and my purse and quickly changed. I painfully brushed my hair and then braided it with my spiked strap. I placed my daggers and put my purse in a place where I can easily get to it if someone pick-pockets me. When I walked out I renewed my wards and left to market district.
    Market district was bustling with people, as usual. I walked to Mistress Cora’s stall. When she saw me she rolled her eyes.
    “What do you want?” she demanded.
    “10 dresses milady. My last one and only one got shredded earlier and I wish to have extras if it happens again.” I explained. She choked on what she had been eating.
    “You, Marina Halfliner want more than one dress?! And you were wearing your other?! Impossible!!!”Mistress Cora managed.
    “It’s true. And I shall need them by tomorrow. Is that manageable?” I asked.
    “Yes, it is. I will be known as the sewing maid who makes Marina Halfliner’s dresses!!!”She sang and disappeared into her stall and I walked off. Why is it so hard for people to grasp the concept that I do wear dresses sometimes? I wondered. I walked to Mistress Lola’s pastry stall and purchased 3 hot buns and walked around, browsing other stalls, looking for things I like. In the end I bought a silver band for my wrist, a pair of boots, a pair of dress shoes, and a pale green blanket. I went back to the house, dressed into a night gown, put my things away, warded the house, brought in Darkness, and fell asleep happily content. My last thought was, tomorrow I shall see David again. If only I knew how wrong I would be.
    ------------David’s point of view starting from when Marina last saw him-----------
    Well, I’m glad we finally got that out. Now to tell the king that I will not be marrying Jenny… I wonder how he’ll take it… I thought to myself as I walked to the throne room. When I entered the throne room, it was empty. Odd….
    “Your majesty, I have come before you to tell you I will not be marrying Jenny.”I said.
    “You are making a very wise- WHAT?!” the king bellowed.
    “I will not be marrying Jenny.”I stated again.
    “Why not?” he said in a more reasonable tone.
    “I’m leaving with Marina. As you know, her family has been captured by Bast. She is going to save them, and I’m coming with her.” I explained.
    “You will not be leaving. You will be marrying my daughter and you will never see Marina again. You and her together may be enough to get past Bast and I can’t have that.” The king said.
    “What?” I asked, astonished.
    “You heard me. I cannot have you saving the girl’s family. They are mine-oops- Bast’s and they will stay that way! Without you, Marina is too weak!” he shouted. Oh no, Bast has killed the king and assumed his form! I’ve got to get out of here! But how? I mused. I looked at the queen. She had a dreamy expression. Entranced I thought.
    “Well, can I tell this to Jenny’s face?” I asked.
    “Yes. Jenny!” the king shouted. Jenny appeared from a door I hadn’t noticed.
    “Yes, Papa?” she asked. There was something odd about her voice. She skipped over here and there was something weird about her eyes too.
    “David has agreed to marry you. Aren’t you happy?” the king asked.
    “Yes Papa! Thank you!” she cried in glee. She turned to me. “You will not be able to resist me now boy. You shall forget all about Marina and worship me!” I hadn’t noticed she had gotten closer and her eyes were glowing gold and her voice had gone more soprano yet deeper. She’s Bast! I thought groggily. It was getting harder to think. Must… get….. Marina’s……. attention………………………… MARINA! And then everything went black
    -----------Marina’s point of view. Continued----------------------------------------------
    I woke up and screamed “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You will pay for this Bast! I swear upon Nakasha’s Moon, you will pay! I swore. A cool breeze swept through my room and I knew Nakasha had heard my oath.