• I used to love the forest. It was my kingdom; I was it's queen. I knew every inch of it and watched over it. What was a jungle territory I turned into a home. Obsolete trails made a complex system of roads that everyone used. (Everyone would be the animals and I).
    I was ready to go to the forest at any given time. However, one day that all changed. I was sitting by one of the creeks when a new flower caught my eye. It was almost touching the water, but the real thing I noticed was the color. It was almost silver, but yellow tinted.
    I pulled out my sketch book and started to draw it for my unofficial field guide. I was almost finished when a squirrel jumped out of the tree above me and onto the ground by the flower. Almost too fast to track with my eyes, The squirrel disappeared, but it didn't. It's skeleton was right there.
    The flower had eaten it. As I watched in mute horror, the flower sprouted another bud and dropped it to the ground. It multiplied with it's meals. I backed away, not wanting to be the next bud.
    I didn't go back for months; the forest wasn't safe anymore. When I did, though, the whole forest, even the outskirts, was littered with yellow flowers... and skeletons.