• Cheers and people calling her name...Confetti, music, and dancing surrounded her as she walked down the street as a welcome. More than that they were honoring her for a courageaous act in the ongoing war. She knew ,though, that the act that she did came at a price in her life.
    She smiled for the crowd, but inside she was filled with sadness. She had lost the one dearest to her in the damned war. She ignored all the cheering, and she was lost in her own thoughts. The only thing she could hear was the clip, clop of her hooves.
    When she got home she couldn't relax and let everything out liked she wanted to. She un-did her bandage from around her upper forearm, and changed the bandage. She decided to take a shower, but when she got in she finally noticed all her scars on her torso and face.
    She just stood in the shower and let the hot water fall over her human half and her centaur half. Pictures of the last time she was with him running in her head. Trying her hardest she pushed away all memory. With her best acting she went to the feast and acted as if nothing happened.
    Inside she wanted to run and stab herself with the daggar that killed the one most important to her, so that she could be with him. Getting home as soon as they let her be dismissed she fell right when she got over the threshold. Huge amounts of tears falling down her cheecks, falling on her battle uniform. Leaving little sploches of wet marks on her chest.
    Forcing herself to stand up she shut the door and went back into the bathroom. Staring at herself in the mirror she made the one faithful decision to take her life to be with whom she loved so dearly. Writing to those who would call for her in the morning, she let the tears fall as they may. Staining the pages her fellow members of the war would read...
    Her last act before taking her life was to take a picture of the one she cherished and put it on her heart whispering, "I love you and soon I will be with you." Kneeling on the bathroom floor she took the daggar that periced the heart of her lover into her hand and pressed the tip on her heart.
    Closing her eyes the last thing she saw was him, the last thing she heard was his voice, the last thing she felt was his touch, and to her that is what mattered.