• I walked down the corridor, with my eyes peeled at my time-table. Some voices cut me off. I looked up, and saw some girls, about my age, looking me up and down. You see, I'm a new-comer at this magical high school. My grand-mother told me that I was an autumn spirit, which meant I could control the winds. I'm really excited, but I don't know how to control my powers, which is a BIG problem. I looked at my time-table again, because I could feel myself blushing heavily. My next class was EL53. I kept walking down, and I stopped at my classes door. I breathed in the air, then gulped it in. I opened the old, wooden door.

    "Hello, Kayta," the teacher said. A female, with deep red hair, dark violet eyes and a hint of shine to her tan skin. Miss. Estonia, that's her name, I remember reading it on the schools main board.
    "Hi, miss." I smiled. This wasn't as bad as I thought. And, the other girls weren't staring at me either. Phew.
    Then, Miss. Estonia clapped her hands, and a heavy gust of wind was sent through the class. Wow, I thought. Even I can't do that, not yet anyway. The whole class turned around and stared at me. Now it was as bad as I thought.

    "Class, welcome my new student, Kayta Surra." miss said.
    A few of the girls then said hi to me, but a few frowned or scowled. I'm guessing I wasn't going to be popular, or even liked too much. I saw my teacher point towards a table in the back left corner, and as I walked to my place, a girl waved at me with a smile, but the girls behind her just looked at me with angry eyes. As I sat down, I realised that there was a teen guy sat in the seat next to me. I reached into my bag, and got out my pencil case and my notebook. Then, I heard a pencil drop.Plink! When I realised it was mine, I bent down and picked it up, when suddenly, five cold fingertips touched my back. I couldn't breathe, and everything around me was turning into a deep black. I closed my eyes, and then, I felt myself fall onto the hard floor. I swore I was fainting...