• He came in the dead of the night. His long black hair was curving around his shoulders and his deep crimson eyes were focused directly on my sister’s pulsing neck. The intruder hadn’t noticed that I was awake yet and moved closer to my younger sibling of five years. His creamy white skin glimmered in the moonlight and threw me into a world of jealousy. Why was tonight the night that I couldn’t get to sleep? I slid my hand over my eyes, rubbing the sleep out of them, with a hope that if I woke up a bit more then I was that life would return to normal. Sadly it did not. Another intruder entered the room. Who were these people that were interrupting my peaceful life?

    The second seemed to notice my presence and didn’t take to kindly to it. He pulled back with a look of fear on his otherwise pleasant face,” Why didn’t you check to see whether or not any of those stupid vampire impersonators lived here?”He growled. His friend sighed and shook his head.

    I acknowledge his crude judgment understanding his ignorance completely. I had been wearing one of those sheer Halloween witch’s cloaks with the hood when I went to bed. It was perfectly mistaken for a vampire’s cape. I know many who had done the same thing. This should have been my first clue to what they were. Slowly I stood from my seat on the couch and approached them, “I am not exactly sure of what or who you are but you seem to be mistaken. First off this is not your home so I think you should be leaving. This is a house of God. Second, you should learn to get your facts straight. This cloak would be one of witches and not of vampires. That Halloween ignorance of vampires wearing dark black capes is false. Also vampires do not exist. I am not a vampire impersonator and do not wish to be called such a thing. Personally I believe people who think they are such fictional characters are ignorant.” My words seemed to shush them, if only for a moment.
    One of the beautiful beasts stepped towards me and bowed in a graceful style that put him on one knee. “Please forgive me for my ignorance but why would a child of God be wearing a witched cloak at the dead of night? It does not make sense to me.” How in the world was this criminal such a gentleman? I glanced back at the door and saw that it was still locked. How did the creeps get into my home? The gentleman stood from his bow and pulled a blade from his back pocket.

    I hesitated for a moment before replying,” Not every child of God stays on the correct path their whole lives. Many waver and lose the way during their teenage years. I am no exception. I am having trouble believing whether or not such a being even exists. If one did then why are there so many lies in the bible?” The black haired creep began laughing. I didn’t think I had said anything funny but I guess I had. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my little sister, Channan twitch in her sleep, something she always does right before she wakes up. What would I do if she did? Surely she would be afraid, I mean come on she was only eleven and even I was afraid. Quickly I grabbed some of my porcelain dolls and put them in my place in the bed, she wouldn’t notice the difference, before grabbing both men by the hand and dragging them outside. My move was bold and definitely not the smartest one I had ever done. It was probably even stupider then me failing my Algebra two class by one percent. The men were in shock though so I had enough time to take the blade from the gentleman’s hand. The blade pricked my arm and droplets of blood slowly dripped to the ground.

    When he recovered from the shock he grabbed my wrist and licked the blood away. “You shouldn’t have done that, Witch,” He growled at me before clasping his mouth around the wound and sucking my blood. What was this, Night of the Living Wackos? I couldn’t help but wonder, as odd as it was at a time like this, how so much blood could flow out of such a small pinprick. I hadn’t been sure if I would ever get answers to my thoughts. My surroundings began to spin around me and my dizziness turned into sleepiness. This would for sure be the end. I would die at the hands of fictional characters. I would die at the hands of vampires. It didn’t take longer than a minute for me to slip into unconsciousness.