• "so you won't ask go out with her." Asked Ethan's friend Nathan.
    "nope." Ethan saidas he flipped through a magazine.
    "Are you an idiot?" Nathan asked.
    "I might be, I haven't been diagnosed yet though. More importantly, how are you and Ashley?"
    "Not good, she's saying i don't spend enough time with her."
    "I wonder if the answer is somewhere in this room."
    "I've been hanging out with her."
    "Hanging out for five minutes while you wait for John to walk by with the soccer ball is not hanging out."
    "well that has to be something right?" Ethan threw a ball at his head.
    "was that enough to hurt you?"
    "of course not." Ethan lobbed the ball straight at his fore head and knocked Nathan backwards out of his seat.
    "How about that one?"
    "I get your point."
    "maybe that ball also knocked some memories back into you're head. Bring some of those up and she'll be fine with you."

    At the park

    "Nathan, do you remember that one time when we went to that one place, and i ordered that one thing that was tottally filled with that strawberry stuff. You remember?" Nathan was staring at the ground and then to her.
    "I have to go to the bathroom."
    "don't be long or i'll have to take your wallet into the shoe store." Ethan was waiting behind a tree and followed him to the park bathroom.
    "okay she just talks becuase her mouth is open i know, but you have got to remember that It was five weeks ago at Minny's."
    "Oh yeah." Nathanwent to the bathroom and came back to the park bench.
    "well do you remember?"
    "Yeah that was five weeks ago at Milly's"
    "Milly's? That place was called Minny's! see this is why i can't talk with you." Ashley looked down at her feet for just enough time for Ethan to hit Nathan in the back of the head with a ball. The ball fell down on the ground next to him. Ashley just sat there while Nathan bit his fingernails. Then a huge dog arrived and tried to take the ball.
    "Oh hey buddy." Nathan said as he played with the dog.
    "Oh.. you know my dogs name."
    In Nathan's mind He said: Your dog? She kissed him on the lips and they started making out. Ashley got up and grabbed her purse, revealed a leash, and put it around buddy.
    "bye bye Nathan."
    Nathan held up two thumbs at the tree where Ethan hid. The tennis ball hit him so square in the face that he smiled a little bit at nothing, just as Ashley looked back and sighed a touched sigh.