• Lane had jumped into his red buggie and was at Kirstens house in a minute she was waiting outside with a suitcase and was drenched from clothes to hair to eyes. Lane got out of the car it was raining hard and grabbed her bags silently knowing if Chris heard he would be in bug trouble. He threw the bags into the trunk and got in and have Kirsten his extra towel from out of the back seat. He turned on the heat and put on arm around her shoulders to make sure that the towel was on securely and then put it on the wheel.
    They were soon at Lane's house. Kirsten walked down to her room. (technically it was hers the only ones to set foot in there was her Lane and Sumner)
    She fell into a deep sleep and didn't wake up till' 10:30 am.
    Lane had waited for her to wake up and for them to go to choir. She grabbed her uniform and got dressed running toward the door.
    Lane met her at the door. he grabbed her arm to slow her down.
    "Slow down Kirsten we still have half of an hour to get there." he said laughing a little. "Besides miss clutz is going to fall if she runs." he laighed again "Hey I have a question for you. May I ask it?" he said
    "Sure shoot." Kirsten said
    "Do you like me?" he said as straight forward as he could
    "No." I said. He looked sad "Got ya' I love you." she said
    "You do?" he said
    "Of course'." she said