• in bed i could feel my heart beat
    last night i felt so alive more alive then i have ever felt befor the beer pumbing round my blood i could do any thing i wanted.
    but know look im just the weird girl who has nothing too give or say or do.....
    no one will know (or care) about what i did last saturday
    i get up and lean out the window theres two woman one on my end of the street another on the other both someing fags and talking about theres kids,husbands,make up natter natter natter
    its a warm morning but i go on the computer insted
    my brother comes in and asks me if i want a cup of tea.
    his hair is messy and he stinks of beer and fags i cant belive my godfather said he should be the one too bring me up.....
    do u know how weird it is too ask for bras and tampons
    "well do you?" he says looking at me like im an idiot
    "coffe" it comes out almost a whisper
    "fine" he removes him self from my door way without closeing the door weridly this dosent annoy me i just sit looking a the wide open door.
    my mum all ways used too close the fridge with her hips she died four years ago from lung cancer and my dads a diffrent story, so know its me and my brother.
    i load up the computer and open up my email account
    five email....

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    2. magic carpet cleaner!

    3. HAHAHAHAHA if you dont send this too five people by midnight tonight YOU WILL DIE! I REPEAT YOU WILL DIE! rofl (i did no send this on)

    4. hey tess! wanna hang out sometime i really fancy seeing that new movie you know? the one about theam vampires? well tb x (re: yeah sure amy when and were? *hangover* x)

    5. hey smile x

    i blushed theres this guy named gexy on this online website ive been chatting too ive only been chatting too him for three days but i like him.....