• tab The dim lights overhead flickered. A needle was jammed into my arm and I gasped in pain. Andrew's ghost appeared and stared sadly at me. The "doctor" gagged me and stood in front of me. His face was an emotionless mask.
    tab "You should not have disobeyed Master. You should not have fallen for the pathetic charm if that silly outsider."
    tab He stepped forward with a spiked whip in his right hand. I bit off the scream that rose up my throat, but he must have seen the fear in my eyes because he cracked the whip on my bare cheek. I screamed as I felt hot blood trickling down through the gag and down my neck. Over and over he used the whip. Soon I was in a daze of pain. When he finally stopped, I was bleeding from hundreds of wounds. The "doctor" removed my gag and yanked my head back by my hair. I gasped at the new pain, but was too hoarse to scream. He released me and turned to wash off the whip.
    tab I saw andrew's ghost approach me and I could've sworn I felt his warm lips press down on my bloody lips before I fell into the blissful oblivion of unconsiousness.