• Chapter #1
    I snuck around the corner silently but surely see a flicker infront of my eyes.
    Coal appered infront of me his giant hair chest heaving.
    " Nice to see ya boy," I said.
    He turned his head torwards the window, then he turned to me wagging his tail and licked my cheek.
    Coal was a 5.4 foot tall dog/wolf mix, I think.
    A smile of releaf struck me, the corners of my mouth turned up.
    I glanced around the room, differnt from last time.
    The old Attic that was right above my room.
    The currtens where torn from Coals boardum.
    Floor cracks hear and there in the floor.
    Tables turned over, books scatered.
    I looked into Coals amber eyes, his eyes glimmerd with pleasure.
    Nelling down I barried my face into Coals shaggy black hair.
    the lights started to turn on down stairs.
    My head snapped up, Coal gave me a look of consern.
    "I'll be fine," I whispered under my breath. " But you stay hidden ok?"
    He nodded silently before licking my cheek.
    "night boy."
    crawling under the low selling, I grabbed the string that opened the stairs so i could sneak into bed.
    I yanked, nothing.
    I tryed again, still nothing.
    One more time I pulled on the string, It whipped open droping me on to my floor.
    Coal looked down on me from the door way, then slowly nudged the door close with is snout.
    The walls where painted that same light blue, with pictures of flowers on the trim.
    And the selling covered in clouds, and in one corner of the room had a sun with a smily face on it.
    " Jenny there you are," Mom exclaimed from the door way, she glanced around the room. "Are you ever going to get ride of the walls? your in 6th grade."
    "nope,"I replaid.
    Once mom left I snuck back in the attic.
    there on Coals bed, where coal was sussposed to be a shadowy figure of a teen boy lay there.

    to be continued....