• "I wish I could fly!" replies a beautiful ghost. she was wrapped in a blanket and you could see her red bloody dress underneath were she was shot by her husband when he was drunk.
    "How come I keep finding you in my room!" I replied.
    I used to be a normal girl til my series of "abnormal" accidents started occuring.
    after my third accident,hit in the head with a brick by some random guy, i noticed some man who was laughing and what looked like working strings in the random mans back. Thats when i knew i could see and follow ghosts without them knowing im watching. There are more like me, but I only know one. my best friend,Maaka, can see and talk to ghosts. She has long brown hair , a bit big with the chips, if you know what i mean, and always wearing black like me. My hair is short and brown but i wear glasses.
    "Hey, are you listening to me saiya!" the ghost said,
    "Yes,Martha, how long have you been dead?" I ask,
    "I've told you over a hundred times! i've been dead 12 years and my dreadful husband is still at large!" she replies. as she says this I look at the newspappers sprawled out on my bed. I even have pappers from a hundred years ago! I studied the deaths of the date Martha died and noticed she died at the age of 50. "If thats true martha, then your husband would be 62 by now and living in a retirement home for you are older than you appear." I noted.
    "wha.....well your right only he was 10 years older than I was! so that makes him 72! Oh, Bill, he best not meet me when he dies! I got a score to settle!" Martha torts, opening the brown blanket to reveal white dress and crimson blood from the wound of ther death. after that papper I decide to look at the other ones on the computer so I pull my laptop up and search Marthas' husband on google and discover something spectatular that I almost hollered in joy. Martha saw this.
    "What is it dear? Another case solved?" She asks,
    still feeling happy about my accomplishment I burst, "He was just found guilty of your murder 2 years ago! Your free! No more worries, so you can pass on!" .
    As I was saying this her expression went from worry to glee in no time flat. As the last words passed my lips she a glow fell upon her and she started to rise.
    "Goodbye,Saiya! Hello Heaven!" she cries as she flies to the sky.
    Never to be seen by me again, but i'll see her when I die.