• "You have no idea what you are talking about!" Macy said shaking her head. The school debate team was harsh since she join. She was a logic and no imagination. The whole "vampire" theory was spreading through the little private school like wild fire.
    Macy Bell was going up against a believer of vampires since she had seen "Dracula" and read the books. That just had to be Macy's best friend, Lilly. She made a face at Macy's remark.
    "Really? What proof do you have?" she responded.
    "Have you ever seen a vampire that wasn't on the big screen, Lilly?" Feeling a bit bad for her friend, knowing that Macy had this debate in the bag, Macy backed off some. Lilly was her only friend. She sighed heavily. "Okay, I have no proff that there aren't any, but you don't have any proof that there are any." Suddenly, Macy caught a glimpse of her crush walking over to their debate table.
    "Excuse me, may I join in as a neutral party?" he asked. Flushing a million different shades a red, Macy nodded. Her crush's name was Trey; he had a fair Irish pale complection, jade green eyes, he was lean and a tad bit muscular. She avoided eye contact as he sat down at the end of the table between her and Lilly.
    "Do you believe vampires are real, Trey?" Lilly asked. He nodded in response.
    "Of course. And I take it that's what this debate is about?" Macy sighed.
    "How can you believe in something you can't see? I've never seen a vampire, how do you know they exsist?"
    "You just have to know these things." he responded, knowing where this would lead to
    "Are you a vampire?"
    "Is that what you believe?"