• Before I begin my story, let me say to those of you who aren't afraid of the paranormal, continue, but for those who are...you may want to leave now! You have been warned...

    Everyone always said The Old Miller place was haunted, what with all the loud noises and sudden screams that pierce through the night sky. But i knew better, it was a bunch of teens that would go inside and make the noises to freak people out, so one day, i went to check it out to find out the truth. So, when my girlfriend would finally leave me alone, i went out to investigate.

    As I came upon the house, I could see how people could believe it was haunted. The windows were cracked, the roof was missing many shingles, and the trees were all dead. As I crossed the yard to get inside, I noticed something from the corner of my eye. Footprints in the grass with a red fluid inside of the crevice, I dipped my fingers in it, and tasted it, the coppery taste of blood. I jogged quietly up to the front door, turned around, and saw that the footprints had dissapeared.

    As I walked through the door, a warm, musty smell slapped me across the face, but when I stepped inside, my bones chilled down to the marrow. There was no furniture inside...no light...no life. I walked into what appeared to be the living room and noticed the bloody footprints again...but there were appearing before my eyes. Splat, splat, splat...the sickening sound made me want to vomit. The footprints were heading up-stairs, so, without a second thought, I followed them.

    As I ventured up the stairs, the footprints stopped. For a while, nothing happenned...but then the footprints began to form feet on top of them! The legs, then a torso, then hands, then arms, and finally a head. The figure looked about Twenty-seven, with wild, black hair and one hand...no, I'm not kidding, only one hand, the other one had been torn out by something. He was holding a kitchen knife...he breathed hard and angirly. At the end of the hallway, i could see a yound woman lieing on the ground, starring at the man. I thought to myself that she looked firmiliar...and then it came to me...

    That was my girlfriend! But...transparent, i could see her in the corner of my eye, but when i looked directly at her...i saw through her! She was crying, bloody and broken, screaming at the man, and then he turned toward me...god...his eyes...so full of hate and anger...and pain. He came at me, knife raised. I couldn't move, i was stunned with fear, i couldn't look at his face, the eyes were the attraction...and so was the knife...and then, i saw my girlfriend get up, get a steel nail filer out of her purse, and stab it into the back of his neck, as he fell, his arm twisted around and cut her in to throat, causing instant death.

    I stood there for a while, trying to determine what had happenned. Then, when curiosity got the best of me, I looked at the man...and screamed at the top of my lungs...I was starring at me! The man was me! I turned around, still screaming, running down the stairs, out the front door...if only I had watched when I closed the door. I closed it on my hand...and my hand came off! I was in pain, but the pain quickly faded...and brought anger...someone had to pay, and I knew who it was going to be. So I started heading home, looking for my girlfriend...and as I walked home, I left behind a trail of bloody footprints