• "My life sucks, end of story, that's it I hate it but its true my life is over and there's nothing that I could do to change that." -Hi I'm Blade MacCree and I'm currently messaging my best friend Conner, so bare with me.- "If this teacher doesn't shut up in the next five seconds I'm going to die of boredom. I don't even know why you talked me into this Conner" -Message sends threw wifi internet.- "Blade your not going to die, just think after this class you can get that pizza you want." <--- typical Conner he brings up food when I'm going to die of boredom. " Conner I'm not kidding!! I'm going to die he is so boring that I cant help it I see the light and pizza isn't going to help." -Lets see his response to that.- *Message comes up* "Blade just pay attention to the teacher all ready!! God your so typical. Look I'll get the pizza that you and your friend wants and then I get to kill him deal??" <----Great my own stalker is back. "Look I don't even know you and don't you know that getting my messages from his com is some kind of hacking and you could get arrested for that. On second thought go ahead."<--- HA HA lets see him hack now. *Message appears* " biggrin . Yeah you would like that huh? Well lets see I'm Devon I beleive I told you that what now? 8 times (Actually it was ten I just don't believe him because he's stalking me) and you didn't answer if I get to kill your friend or not"<--- Great he uses smiles off the com. "look I'm not going to answer you and I'm leaving, class is over now and I get to get my pizza." -I always get the last word.-
    "Hey Blade why didn't you message me back?" -Conner O'neal everybody god I hate it that he's the most sexiest gay man out there its a crime really.-
    "My stalker hacked into the messages again and he got to talk to me so where's my pizza? -Yeah I'm odd so??-
    "Damn girl he must be desperate for you." <-----See he's gay other wise he would be pissed off.
    "Look I don't get it he must be a genius or something. Lets get that pizza"