• "Well, it's official.That was the biggest waste of my time, EVER."Koschei said as he drove along the empty highway.He shrieked mockingly as his wife, Shigitoshiko socked him in the arm."Hey!What was that for?"He asked as he pretended to be in excruciating pain."Oh you know why, a**hole.That was my sisters baby shower!!Your such a guy.I swear"She smiled and sighed as she stared out the window."And shut up, you'll wake my mother."

    "Yes dear."He smiled as he glanced back at the elderly lady sleeping peacefully in the back seat of the yellow Jeep Wrangler.He smiled and turned his attention back to the road.He swerved as a deer ran in front of the beaming headlights."Stupid f****ing deers.Why does your sister live way the he** out here anyways?"He frowned as his gas light turned on.He had just filled up before they left home earlier that day.

    "WATCH OUT!!"The piercing shrieks filled Koschei's brain as he woke with a start an hour or so later.The bright headlights of a semi were blurring his vision."Sh**!!!"He swerved and flew into the car next to him.The car began spinning out of control.All was a bloody mess of screams and injury.What had happened.What was happening.Finally, the car came to a stop upside down, somewhere of the side of the freeway.Koschei moaned as he crawled out from under the pile of ruble that had once been his Jeep."Oh my god.Shigi!!!Mona!!!"He began crying as he heard a moan from the passenger seat.He gimped his way over to the other side of the car and pulled his wife out of the wreckage.She was unconscious, but breathing.Good.He thought.He propped his wife up on the car door and crawled to the back seat.He groped blindly around the back seat until he felt his mother-in-law's skin.He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out.

    "No.NO.NO!!!!NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!"Mona's neck appeared to be broken in two places.The poor old woman was no longer breathing, and her blood was all over Koschei.Shigi was waking up behind him.How could he face her.