• Living alone is a very frighting thing. And I should know, I've been alone for ten years. Seems like only yesterday that my parents were alive. I was thirteen at the time. I was training in the front yard with my father. My mother was sitting in her favorite chair watching us. She was singing her song that she made for me when I got mad, it always calms me down.

    Then a blue haze fell across the ground. Time seemed to stop. Nothing moved except me, my father, and my mother. Then a man wearing a almost belly shirt and baggy pants, the colors were blue and white, fell from the sky and landed in front of us. He had white hair and looked at me with his white eyes and locked onto me.

    "Damon." My father whispered into my ear. "Take my sword and run. You know these woods better than anyone. I love you, son." Those were the last words my father said to me. So I did as he said. I took his sword and took off, sprinting through the woods. I turned around to see the big guy chasing me.

    "Age! Leave his alone! Take us instead!" My mother yelled out of desperation to keep her only son alive. At that moment Age turned around and left me alone.

    Thirty minutes went by and I started walking back home to see if my parents were still alive. When I got back to the house everything was covered in blood and the house was destroyed. Blood dripped off the tree branches onto two bodies. I walked over there to see my parents lying on the ground, dead. My father was stabbed repeatdly and my mother had a shield carved into her stomach.

    From that day on I swore that I would kill Age and avenge my parents.

    Today was the tenth year aniversery of their death. I was walking to the grave yard when I heard a familar tune. It was my mother's song. I dropped the roses I got for them and took off in a dead sprint hoping they would still be alive, they weren't. When I got there on top of my parents tomb stone sat a small boy singing my mother's song.

    "Hey!" I shouted at the small boy. "Who are you and why are you singing my mother's song?" He looked at me and stopped singing. Then he closed his eyes and acted like I didn't say anything. Now he's pissing me off. I drew both swords and stared at him. "I'll ask you one more time, who are you?"

    He stepped down off my parents grave. He was way shorter than I was. His hair was a faded violet color. His skin is frosted white. He wore a black, skin tight, body suit with a white button down shirt over top of it. He wore a choker with a shield colored blue and white on it. He held an elegant staff that was three times bigger than he is. The staff had a clock hanging off the side of it. He opened his icy blue eyes and glared at me. At the bottom of his staff was a long chain, and at the end of the chain was a shield. It was the exact shape and size as the one carved into my mother.

    "Aragon" He said in a deep, airy, monotoned voice. Then I felt a sharp pain run through my lower back. I fell to my knees.

    "What just happened?" I asked through the pain.

    "I hit you." He said standing there emotionless.

    "I figured that but how?" I asked standing up.

    "Like this." In a flash he appeared behind me and pain ran through my stomach. I fell to my hands and knees and vomited on someone's grave. All right. I'm getting sick of this. I thought as I stood back up.

    "How are you doing that?" I asked getting frustrated. I felt something start to ster inside me.

    "By stopping time." He said blankly. I stood there confused. The a blue haze fell across the ground. "Shall we begin?" He said as he swung his staff. I tried to avoid it but I felt the metal connect with my forehead. I fell onto my back and quickly stood up. I felt something warm run down my face. I wipped my hand across my forehead head and looked to see my own blood.

    "You b***h!. Now I'm going to kill you." I said in a demonic voice that I have never heard before. I leaped through the air but he dropped to one knees and drove his staff into my gut and slammed me through a tomb stone. I stone shattered to pieces. I ignored the pain and stood up. He swung at me and I saw an oppertunity, and I took it. I drove my sword inot his left shoulder.

    I saw the pain in his souless eyes. His hand grasped widly at the edge of the blade. The silver of my sword faded harshly into crimson then it vanished into the ebony tone of his shirt, through skin, then muscle, through bone and organ, through muscle and skin again. Breeching into the cold air.

    I stabbed Aragon. He screamed a ghastly sound. It was so loud yet so distant. And echo of the past. A whisper of the future and entirly present.

    He dug his elegant fingers and tore my sword from his shoulder. He screamed again, choked with air that wouldn't leave his lungs. His blood poured down his side. He coughed and wheezed, blood dripping down his frostbitten lips.

    "No...no! Y-you can't! I...I can't!" He rambled nonsence as he stepped sloppily towards me. He held one hand out streached while the other one was gripping the wound fiercly.

    His staff dropped to the ground like dead wieght. Creating a metalic echo across the forest. The foce of the clock faced upwards and Aragon stared down at it with wide, crazed eyes.

    "You!" He snarled at me. "You...you will not be the death of me! I...I am forever!" He dropped to his knees and drug his staff to him. He was pathetic.

    "Time be still." And time froze, and flickered, and froze, repeatdly. I stood staring almost blankly at the boy...man...creature...whatever this being has become. I felt pity. Pity for this pathetic thing.

    He lived alone. Living alone is a truley frighting way to live. I knew.

    His wound was healing. Slowly, painfully slowly. I only stood there and watched the blood drip and disappear. The wound closed. I watched his horrified look melt into a crazed smile. But mostly, I watched the crystaline tears that fell from his face...and froze.

    Then he stood up and grabbed his staff ready to go again. I realized that I couldn't beat him. I dropped to one knee expecting him to kill me.

    His staff rose and he shouted. "You're pathetic!" The staff fell and crashed onto my back. He regained his proper stature. "I'm hungry." He said as he walked towards my camp. I got up and grabbed my swords and followed him.