• Advice from a Squirrel
     Remember what your Grandpappy told you, “Smell the nut, love the nut, get the nut, just don’t be the nut.”
     Beware of cats, they can climb. But tease the dogs, because they can’t.
     Your #1 enemy... the chipmunk.
     Bushy tails ARE in style.
     Living in a hole is not drab.
     Hanging from bird feeders is a lot of fun, you should try it.
     Do not stop to look at oncoming cars when crossing the road.
     Go unnoticed when dropping acorns and pinecones on passerby’s.
     Remember people love you, look cute at picnics.
     Squirrel’s are extremely intelligent, we are patient and focus are whole attention to the person we are talking t-“Hey look! A nut!”
     We are quite graceful, bouncing from tree to tree.
     It is not rude to eat with your hands, squirrels can’t use forks.
     Your whole life revolves around one thing, the nut.
     Sleep whenever you want, it’s called hibernation