• My life in a story : By Aegis the last survivor...Book 1

    The beginning

    Granditz was a peaceful realm with lots of eager apprentices who wanted to become a warrior for our kingdom. I am one of them. My whole life i have been training for this moment my final assessment i was going to fight and kill my opponent apprentice... The only problem is my opponent is my sister.
    The match is starting early so i have no time to say good bye to my sister because no matter what we will never see each other again after our fight.
    we are taken to the arena where thousands of grandonians are lining up to watch the fight my mother is crying in the stands my father ... well hes just being a plain b*****d ad ignoring us so he can go do some betting anyways. we are taken to choose our weapons my sister chooses a whip a fire whip while i choose a bow and a sliver of arrows more arrows and weapons are set around the field where we can pick them up if we run out of ammo or are disarmed.The king sits back idly and announces the battle we start she takes a running start and cracks her whip so close to my ear she burns it.I shoot an arrow fast and quick and land it in her arm she keeps running she cracks her whip at me again. I tuck and roll using my bow to trip her i deal the finishing blow witch i know came to soon i had just killed my sister by shooting her right between the eyes............