• For Life
    Kevin Mendoza

    ----------High-Speed Chase----------

    It all started when when an eight year-old boy, that hung out with a lot of bad kids.
    “Hey, come on. You want some candy or not?” asked one of the mischievous kids.
    “I'm coming!” replied the boy, named Oreo.
    “Then hurry, the store keeper's going to close any minute now,” replied the leader of the group, Rick.
    They all got on their bikes and rode off to the store. When they arrived on the first intersection, a speeding car was going the other way, followed by a police cruiser. It was a high-speed chase!
    “Awesome!” exclaimed Rick. “Let's follow it and see how far it goes.”
    So they followed the chase, as fast as they could pedal. Surprisingly, they could keep up! They were at about 200 feet of a difference, but they were keeping up.
    For moments, they lost visual, but then they heard an explosion. They pedaled faster, and they saw what had happened.
    “Whoa... I've never seen anything like it,” said Rick in astonishment.
    “Me neither,” said Oreo, also astonished, and nearly in shock.
    “Man, Alexis is never with us when something interesting happens, we have to tell her 'cause she's never here,” says Rick.
    “I know, that sucks,” replied Oreo, still gazing at the reddish-orange color of flames.
    “I have a question, what kind of idiot would name a guy 'Oreo'?” asked Rick
    “I don't know, I guess my parents were hungry when they had me.”
    “Okay, I guess you have the oddest parents ever,” replied Rick.
    After a few minutes of conversation, they rode off home.
    “I thought we were going to the candy store,” said Oreo suddenly remembering.
    “We were, but it's past four, it's closed already,” replied Rick.
    “Oh, okay. Hey I'm going over to Alexis', want to come?” asked Oreo.
    “No, I'm just going to head on home.”
    “K. Later,” replied Oreo.
    -------------------The Fifteen Year-Old--------------------

    “Happy birthday, Oreo!” said everyone at Oreo's surprise party. He is fifteen years old now.
    “Son, next year I might get you something really special,” said Oreo's dad.
    “Are we talking somewhere along the lines of a motored vehicle?” asked Oreo.
    “Maybe. Just Maybe,” is all his dad said, which told him that this conversation was over.
    Days passed, and months passed until Oreo finally saw Alexis.
    “Where have you been? I've been waiting to see you for,” Oreo paused to think. “months!”
    “Well I'm sorry, but I've been in Swindon all this time,” she replied.
    “Oh. What were you doing over there?” asked Oreo.
    “I'm very good friends with a celebrity's parents.”
    “What celebrity?” asked Oreo curiously.
    “You know who Billie Piper is? Yeah, I was visiting her parents. They invited me over to visit, you know, relax,” she replied.
    “You... you... you met Billie Piper?” asked Oreo, shocked.
    “No, just her parents.”
    “But you never said you knew them, as a matter of fact, you never said you even liked Billie Piper,” replied Oreo suspiciously.
    “Well I've never met her before. Her parents invited me over when she was home one time, but my parents wouldn't let me go,” she replied.
    ---------------Birthday Gifts---------------

    “Oh... oh yeah, here!” said Oreo, handing her a wrapped little box.
    “What's this for?” asked Alexis.
    “Your birthday, it was two months ago but I never got to see you, so open it, I hope you like it,” replied Oreo.
    Alexis opened the box, and astonished said, “Oh my gosh! It's beautiful! This must've cost you a fortune.”
    “Not really. You're my best friend, so nothing is too expensive for you,” said Oreo.
    “Wh- wh- come on,” she said, dragging Oreo down the street and into her house.
    “Why'd you bring me here?” asked Oreo, entering the door to her house.
    “Well, you wouldn't think I'd forget your birthday now would you?” asked Alexis, reaching into a drawer.
    “Well...either way... don't tell me you got me something!” said Oreo, suddenly blushing.
    “I did, I'm not going to give you nothing for your birthday. Sure it was quite a while ago, and I'm sorry for missing it, so here,” she replied, handing him a medium-sized box wrapped in golden wrapping paper.
    “I don't know what to say... thank you. It's a wonderful present!” he replied, ducking his head down low.
    “I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure if you'd like it,” Alexis replied, her face turning red.
    “Of course I like it, even if you gave me the worse present in the world, I'd still like it because it came from you,” said Oreo in reply.
    Alexis blushed, and Rick came up the street in his car.
    “You two lovebirds coming?”
    ----------Fake ID----------

    “Where are we going?” asked Alexis.
    “You'll see, come on,” replied Rick.
    They headed south onto the main road, stopping at a house on the corner.
    “Hey Macho, come out here!” shouted Rick, honking the horn.
    “What?” asked Macho, stepping out of the house.
    “Are you done with the 'cards'?”asked Rick.
    “Yeah. Here you go,” he said, handing Rick a few cards.
    “One for you, and one for you, and one for me, let's go! You want to come Macho?” asked Rick.
    “Nah, I'm a little busy right now,” he replied, going back into the almost fallen house.
    “K. See ya!” replied Rick, driving off.
    “What are... are these fake I.D.'s?” asked Alexis.
    “Yeah, I'm getting... thirsty,” replied rick, sounding suspicious.
    ----------The Bar, and the Arrest----------

    He drove to a nearby bar, and we all went in.
    “We'll all take the cheapest beer you got,” said Rick, as he sat down in front of a bartender.
    “OK, but I need to see ID from you,” replied the bartender, reaching out to receive the identification card. Rick handed him all of our cards, and when the bartender took a quick glance at it, he said, “Come with me.”
    He took them into a small room, and suddenly locked the doors shut! He ran back to the counter, and he called someone. A few minutes later, three policemen arrived and entered the bar.
    “What's the problem here?” asked one of the police officers.
    “ I have a few kids in a room, who showed me one of these fake identification cards,” replied the bartender.
    “Oh, well where are they?” asked a female officer.
    “They're in a room, follow me,”said the bartender.
    “They went to the room. As the bartender unlocked the door, the cops indistinctly whispered something. When the bartender the bartender opened the door, the kids tried to run.
    The officers caught them and the short one asked, “Where do you think you're going? Are you trying to run from the cops?”
    “N-n-no! What'd make you think that?” asked Alexis.
    “Nothing, just the fact that you're running,” replied the really tall officer.
    “Since y'all aren't old enough, we're taking you home, but you, what's your name?” asked the officer.
    “Well, Rick, you are going to jail,” replied the officer, reaching for his cuffs.
    “Fine, how long?” asked Rick.
    “Overnight. But we're calling your parents in case they want to bail you out,” replied the female officer.
    “It won't do you any good. They went to Las Vegas in the United States,” replied Rick.
    “They left their sixteen year-old kid at home, while they went half-way around the world?” asked the tall officer in astonishment.
    “I can drive! I don't think I'm a kid anymore,” said Rick, maddened.
    You're a kid until you're eighteen, so shut up!” exclaimed the cop.
    “Well, if I'm a kid you can't take me to jail,” replied Rick, irritated. His face was turning red, and he was close to cussing out the officer.
    “Listen, you're going in until we get a hold of your parents. Do you know the name of the hotel? The one they're staying at?” asked the female officer.
    “No. Even if I did, you honestly think I'd tell you?” he asked, then whispered to Alexis and Oreo. “On three. One...two...three!” shouted Rick, and when he shouted 'three,' everyone hit the cops in the stomach, and started running.
    “They ran toward the car, got in, and started speeding down the street. Later, the cops were finally tailing them, about seven cruisers to be exact. The chase lasted over fifteen minutes, when finally a police officer pulls in and does a P.I.T. Maneuver. The car started to tilt, then suddenly flips numerous times until it finally stops, on its side, in the middle of the street.
    “Get out of the vehicle, and get on your knees with your hands on your head,” said an officer on a bullhorn.
    They come out of the car, but Rick starts to run. The other two join him. Two helicopters suddenly appear in the sky, monitoring them, and K-9 units are close behind.
    “Take a left here!” shouted Rick, turning to another path.
    “It didn't take long until the dogs caught them. They were cornered, but surprisingly the dogs didn't bite them, they just stood there with their evil eyes, growling and expecting any sudden movements.
    “Get on the ground!” shouted a cop, tackling them. He cuffed them, and took them to his car. He said that they were being charged with assaulting an officer, assaulting an elder, evading arrest, and taking the chase out the county.
    “Y'all going to Juvie, whether your parents agree to it or not, y'all are going for quite a while. You turned a 'take-you-home' into an arrest,” said the officer, putting them into the cruiser. They drove off to the local jail, they got booked, and they weren't even offered a phone call.
    “Hey, I want a phone call!” shouted Rick from his cell.
    “Too bad, you're not getting out of that cell until the bus to Juvie gets here,” replied the cell guard.

    “Have you reached a verdict?” asked the judge to the jury.
    “Yes. We find the defendants... guilty,” replied the jury.
    “OK. Oreo Mars Parker, Rick James Valley, Alexis Piper Fittsimmonz, you are all sentenced to Juvenile Detention Center until you turn eighteen,” says the judge.
    “Fine, but when we get out, I'm gonna kill you, Jared,” Rick said, pointing at the judge.
    “Well good luck with that.”

    “Congratulations, you managed to survive three years,” says Oreo's cell mate, Mica.
    “Yeah, well I am the baddest around,” said Oreo.
    “Good luck with that,” replied Mica, walking to the corner of the cell.
    “Oreo Mars Parker, cell number E67100, you're dismissed,” said the cell guard, opening the cell. Oreo stepped out of the cell, went to the Booking section, and to his surprise, he saw Alexis waiting.
    “Hey, I just noticed how short life is, and spending so much time without you has made me see the light. Will you be my girlfriend?” asked Oreo, looking at Alexis.
    “Yes, yes I will,” replied Alexis, tears running down her cheeks.
    “Good. I've been in here for three years, and I couldn't stop thinking about you that whole time,” replied Oreo, grinning.
    “Well that's so sweet, let's get out of here,” replied Alexis, still crying.
    “Hold on, we need your fingerprints, then you're clear to go,” said an officer behind the counter in the Booking section of the building. As they got fingerprinted, Alexis noticed a red muscle car pull up in the Pick-up section of the parking lot. It was Rick.
    “You're good to go,” said the officer behind the counter. Alexis and Oreo cleaned their hands, and left.
    “Hey! How have you two been?” asked Rick, gesturing them to get into the car.
    “I've been in the worse condition of my life, in jail, eating the nastiest foods ever!” replied Oreo, getting in the back of the car.
    “What about you?” asked Rick, looking at Alexis.
    “I've been okay, but I've been better,” replied Alexis, looking down as if she was ashamed of something, but there wasn't anything for her to be ashamed of.
    “Where do y'all want to go?” asked Rick, putting the car in first.
    “Can we go to McDonald's? I haven't had a decent meal in years,” replied Oreo, his mouth starting to water at the thought of a Big Mac, or a Double Quarter Pounder.
    “Yeah, let's go,” replied Rick, putting it in second, and driving down a street, took a left for about a quarter mile, and finally arrived at McDonald's.
    “Hi, how may I take your order?” asked someone through the intercom as they stopped in the “drive-thru” lane.
    “Yeah, I'll take a number one, a number seven, a number six, and all cokes as our refreshments,” replied Rick, reaching for his wallet.
    “Medium or large drinks, sir?” asked the person.
    “Large,” replied Rick.
    “OK, it'll be £9.17,” replied the person.
    “OK,” replied Rick, driving to the “Pick-up” window. He drove up, and asked the person behind the glass for some ketchup. The cashier gave him the ketchup, and they drove off. About ten minutes later, Alexis asked him if he had payed for it.
    “Of course I... oh crap! The cashier never asked me for the money anyway!” exclaimed Rick in reply, jumping at the thought of getting arrested again.
    “You... I better not go to jail, I hate it. If I have to go to jail one more time, I swear I'm going to go crazy!” shouted Oreo.
    “You won't, don't worry, we leave the county for a week, and then we come back. We should've lost heat by then,” replied Rick, suddenly at ease. All of them got out of the car when Rick parked in some store parking lot.
    “What are we doing here?” asked Oreo as he stepped out.
    “I feel like getting a break, sit down on the curb,” directed Rick. They all sat down on the curb, and a police cruiser suddenly arrived, with its emergency lights on, but no siren. The officer parked in front of them, and asked them how they were doing.
    “Pretty good, how may we help you?” asked Rick in reply.
    “Not much really, just put your hands behind your back, and we won't have much of a problem,” replied the officer.
    “Why? What'd we do?” asked Alexis.
    “Shoplifted from a fast-food restaurant,” replied the officer, putting his hand on his gun in case of anything sudden.
    “Screw you!” shouted Rick, starting to run towards his car. When Rick was a few feet away from his car, the officer shot the gas tank of the car, and the car exploded. The explosion made Rick fly back about ten feet. “Aah!! Aah!” screamed Rick, for his entire body was burned from the explosion.
    “You're under arrest!” shouted the officer. While Rick was on the ground burning, he put the cuffs around Oreo's and Alexis' wrists. “I need an ambulance,” said the officer into his radio.
    “Roger that,” replied the dispatcher.
    “Oh my god! Another night in jail!I just got out a few hours ago, and now I'm going back in there, I can't take any more of this crap!” shouted Oreo as he was being led into the police cruiser. About five minutes later, an ambulance appeared in the distance, with its lights and siren, blaring at full speed. Followed by the ambulance, two more police cruisers were following close behind.
    “You're gonna pay!” shouted Rick as he was being led to a different cruiser.

    As they entered the police station, three officers came out of the desks, and stated to strip-search the suspects.
    “What'd I do? All I did was sit in the same car as him, I didn't know he was gonna steal the food!” shouted Oreo.
    “You were with him, so that puts you at fault, if you wouldn't have been with him, you wouldn't be getting arrested. Now no more complaining, it's the law, so shut up,” replied one of the officers that was searching them. “Now you and this young lady are going to be spending the night here, he's going to be arrested for quite a while for evading arrest, so say good-bye to your little friend.”
    “Great, I got out of jail a few hours ago, and now I'm going back in for doing nothing, this is messed up,” replied Oreo, getting extremely frustrated.
    “Well, I'm sorry, but you're still going to have to be in here for the night, it won't be that bad. If you want I can put in a good word for you, so that you can get out in a few hours,” replied the officer.
    “No thanks, I'm getting tired anyway, I might as well get a full night's rest.”
    “OK, thank you for understanding anyway,” replied the officer, leading Oreo to his cell. Oreo entered the cell, and just stood there for a moment, then went to the rock hard bed, and fell asleep.
    ----------The Kiss----------

    “Hey, wake up!” shouted a familiar voice. “Oreo, wake up!”
    “Huh?” asked Oreo as he started to open his eyes. He saw that it was that nice officer that had searched him the night before that was the one shouting at him.
    “You can go now, you've been there for twelve hours.”
    “What time is it?” asked Oreo.
    “It's,” replied the officer, looking at his watch. “nine forty-seven in the morning. We brought you dinner last night, but you were already asleep.”
    “Oh. Thanks anyway though,” replied Oreo, getting up. He got up, and exited the cell. He was led over to the Booking section, and was asked for his name. “Oreo Parker,” he replied.
    “OK, you can go,” replied the officer behind the counter. Oreo exited the police station, and crossed the street to sit down on a bus stop bench. After about twenty minutes, the bus numbered “27” arrived. Oreo boarded, and the bus took off. The ride took about forty-five minutes to get to the closest bus stop to his house.
    The bus stopped, and Oreo got off. “Thanks,” he said as he went down the metal steps. The bus started to accelerate, and a blue Mustang GT appeared close behind the bus. The headlights on the car flashed, and the car neared Oreo and stopped on the curb. Oreo soon noticed that it was Alexis driving the glossy blue Mustang.
    “Need a ride?” she asked, rolling down the passenger side window.
    “Sure,” replied Oreo.
    “So, what are you doing all the way out here?”
    “I just got out of jail,” replied Oreo.
    “Oh, I got out about an hour after they put me in,” replied Alexis as she shifted the gear to second.
    “Oh, how fortunate for you. I fell asleep, so I decided not to care that I was in there,” replied Oreo, staring out of the window blankly.
    “I'm heading to Wal-Mart, do you want to wait in the car?” asked Alexis as she turned on a street, that led to Wal-Mart.
    “No, I want to go in and see what they have in stock.”
    “OK, good” replied Alexis.
    They pulled up on the parking lot, and Alexis soon found an open space. They exited the car, and went inside, without saying a word.
    “What do you say we meet up at 'Customer Service' in fifteen minutes?” asked Oreo as he entered the store.
    “OK, no problem, I'll be down in the 'Gardening Center' if you need me,” replied Alexis, walking off. As Alexis walked out of sight, he rushed over to the “Jewelry Section.” He was just looking at what they had, and a clerk asked him if he needed anything. He told her to give him a few minutes. A few minutes later he asked her to come over.
    “Yes?” asked the clerk.
    “I want to purchase this one, the thirteen karat one,” replied Oreo.
    “OK I hope you have noticed that it isn't the cheapest thing here. It costs £295.08,” replied the clerk, opening the drawer.
    “I know. I'm proposing, and I want to show her how much I love her,” replied Oreo.
    “OK, well here you go!” replied the clerk, handing him the beautiful diamond, wrapped with a thirteen karat gold ring.
    Next Saturday, I'll ask her out, and I'll propose to her under the sparkling full moon, by the shimmering river, he thought. He walked toward register seven, payed for the ring, and went over to “Customer Service” where he met up with Alexis. As he was walking toward the service desk, he threw the bag on the floor, hiding the ring in his pocket.
    “Where have you been? I've been waiting here for like five minutes,” remarked Alexis.
    “I'm sorry, I was looking at, um... watches, and I lost track of time,” replied Oreo
    “OK, I guess. Did you find anything?” asked Alexis in reply.
    “Okay then, let's go!” replied Alexis cheerily. They started to walk to the exit of the store, and as they exited, the people greeter asked them for a receipt.
    “We didn't buy anything today,” replied Oreo. They continued to walk to the car, and when they reached it, Oreo asked if he could drive.
    “Sure, but do you even have a license yet?” asked Alexis, searching for her keys in her purse.
    “I'm kidding, I don't feel like driving,” replied Oreo.
    “Oh, okay.”
    As Alexis drove to Oreo's house, they said nothing the whole way. A few minutes later, they arrived at his house. “Okay, I guess I'll see you----” she was stopped as Oreo kissed her. She felt sudden streams of warmth flow through her body. She felt as if she was flying, and didn't want it to stop.
    Oreo pulled back, and as he exited the car, he said nothing but three simple words that changed Alexis' life forever: I love you. Those three simple words made Alexis feel as if she was the most important person in his entire life. But what she didn't know was, that she was.
    “I love you too,” whispered Alexis as Oreo shut the door. She wished he was still in the car so that he could've heard her say that.
    ----------The Crash and the Loss----------

    “Nice move, that's the way to do it!” said Rick as Oreo entered his apartment.
    “What are you doing here Rick?” asked Oreo, sounding annoyed.
    “Nothing, I was just waiting for you. Where have you been?” asked Rick in reply.
    “I was at the store with Alexis,” replied Oreo, hanging his jacket on a wall hook in his rather large closet.
    “Sure you were,” replied Rick, not believing him. “Anyway, I'm having a party tomorrow night, you wanna come?”
    “I might go, if I don't, I'll be at---- yeah, I'll be there,” replied Oreo.
    “Great, see you there.” Rick departed, and Oreo went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, and then went to bed.
    He had a dream that he met a guy on the street. The man was just sitting there, when he finally decided to talk, and police enforcement arrived. The strange man turned out to be a crack dealer, and----
    Beep, beep, beep! Rang the alarm clock, waking Oreo, and taking him away from the horrid nightmare. Oreo got up to check the calender. Just one week from Alexis' birthday, and the day that he proposes to her. Suddenly, the door bell rang. Oreo put on his robe, and answered the door. It was Alexis.
    “Hey, how are you doing?” asked Alexis.
    “Pretty good, you?” asked Oreo in reply.
    “Awesome. Great. Listen, last night, it was the best night of my life. I have never felt anything as great as that. Listen, when you shut the door, I didn't get enough time to say this, but I love you too,” replied Alexis, looking down, embarrassed.
    Oreo, unable to say anything, just looked at her, his heart pumping faster than ever, and kissed her. Once again, Alexis just felt as if she was in heaven. This time, she stumbled. Oreo caught her just in time, and simply told her to be careful, and kissed her again. His love for her was beyond anyone could possibly think was possible. A simple “I love you” wasn't good enough for Oreo. He wanted to tell her how he really felt, but he just couldn't find the words to it. It was like a million-pieced jigsaw puzzle, with the pieces scattered everywhere in the room.
    “Alexis,” he said when he pulled back. “I want to tell you how I really feel about you. An 'I love you' may be plentiful for you, but I feel much more for you than that, I just don't know the words to say.”
    “I know how you feel, you don't have to tell me. I know the way you feel for me by the way that you kiss me,” she replied.
    “Okay, I'm going to a party tonight, you want to come with?” asked Oreo changing the subject.
    “Sure,” replied Alexis. “I'm sorry, but I have to go, I'll see you later.”
    “Okay, later,” replied Oreo, giving her a short kiss as she departed.
    “Oh yeah,” said Alexis coming in the door again. “I got a dog. Her name is Whiskey, she's a Black Labrador mix,” then left.
    “Huh, Whiskey. Not my first choice of a name, but if she likes it...” he said to himself as he turned on the stereo. He got on the computer and lost track of time. A few hours later, he noticed that it was seven.
    I got to go pick Alexis up! He thought. Oreo grabbed his keys, got in the car, and sped off. He was going twenty miles over the speed limit, and suddenly he heard a loud noise behind him. He looked in his rear-view mirror and saw that it was a police cruiser. He picked up his cell phone and called Alexis. The officer neared Oreo and Oreo pulled over. The officer got out of the cruiser and went up to Oreo's window.
    “Sir, may I ask you to put your phone down?” asked the officer when Oreo rolled down his window.
    “Yeah, hold on please, let me---- hello? Alexis? Hold on, I just got pulled over,” said Oreo, putting the phone down.
    “You need my license and registration, don't you?” asked Oreo.
    “No. What's your reason for going seventy on a fifty?” asked the officer in reply.
    “I'm sorry. I'm running late for this meeting that my girlfriend's supposed to attend to, and she doesn't have a car, so I'm rushing over to pick her up. If she doesn't make it to this meeting, she will get fired,” lied Oreo.
    “Oh, OK then. Well I trust you don't have any illegal substances on you? Or have any alcohol in your vehicle?” asked the officer in reply.
    “No sir.”
    “OK. You can go with a warning, but next time I will give you a ticket,” replied the officer.
    “OK, thanks.”
    The officer nodded his head, and Oreo picked up the phone. “Sorry, I'll be there in a few----”
    “Hello? Hello?” asked Alexis.

    Ten minutes later, ambulances, officers, and firefighters were surrounding Oreo's car. He had crashed, and he hit his head and became unconscious. He was still unconscious when the rescue team pulled him out of the car. Another car was speeding, and was trying to pass another car on the opposite lane, he didn't see Oreo driving, and crashed head-on with Oreo. They were both seriously injured.
    About ten minutes later, Oreo gained consciousness.
    “Finally, you were knocked out cold,” said one of the medics that noticed his eyes open.
    “What happened?” asked Oreo, looking around trying to find out where he was.
    “You crashed head-on with another driver. He was trying to pass, and didn't see you. He passed and crashed into you.”
    “Is he all right?” asked Oreo sounding shocked.
    “No. He was going at a pretty fast speed, and he has a fatal head wound. He is in a coma right now, but we don't know if he's going to live,” replied the medic, putting an ice pack on Oreo's head.
    “So I'm in the hospital?” asked Oreo.
    “Yes. There's----”
    “Hello, Oreo,” interrupted a doctor as he entered the room.
    “Hi, who are you?” asked Oreo in reply.
    “I'm Dr. Tennant,” replied the doctor.
    “Well, doctor, do I have anything wrong with me?”
    “Well I thought you'd be in a coma, you hit your head pretty hard, are you feeling all right?” asked the doctor, sounding surprised.
    “Yeah, I guess.”
    “Could you tell me what happened the last twenty-four hours?” asked the doctor.
    “No, I don't remember anything,” replied Oreo, worried.
    “Oh. I think that the hit effected your short-term memory.”
    “So what now? I have short-term memory loss?” asked Oreo.
    “Name the person that you see the most often,” directed the doctor.
    “Okay, um... I don't remember,” replied Oreo.
    “This is horrible, for you anyway. It has also effected your long-term memory, you may never remember very important stuff,” replied the doctor, worried.
    “Well, that's scary, can I go now?” asked Oreo, as if he had no interest in what the doctor was saying.
    “Um... yeah, sure,” replied the doctor. Oreo left, and headed to his house, which he still remembered where it was.
    He entered the apartment, and laid down on the bed. A few minutes later the doorbell rang.
    “Yes?” he asked as he opened the door.
    “Are you alright?” asked the girl who had rung the doorbell.
    “Yes, but who are you?” asked Oreo, puzzled.
    “Oreo, don't play with me like that, it's me, Alexis.”
    “I don't know what you're talking about, I've never heard of you,” replied Oreo, remembering what the doctor had asked him about who he hung out with the most.
    “Oreo, please tell me you haven't forgotten about me, please!” cried Alexis.
    “I don't know, I don't remember anything, please, just leave,” replied Oreo.
    “But Oreo... You truly don't remember me?”
    “No. Are you---- never mind,” he replied.
    “What? Tell me,” replied Alexis, crying.
    “It's just that you name, Alexis, keeps lingering in my head,” replied Oreo. “I don't remember you, but you are always in my head.”
    “Then somehow our love has kept us connected,” she replied, relieved to know that he still remembered her in some way.
    “Well I'm sure you're not lying, but I don't remember, so please leave.”
    “Well I'm sorry, I'll leave.” Alexis left and Oreo shut the door.
    I'm sure she isn't lying, but I just don't remember any of this, thought Oreo as he turned to sit back down.
    ----------New Girl----------

    Thirty minutes later, a voice sounded from outside the door. “Is anyone there?”
    Oreo crept up to see through the window, and saw a stranger. “Yes, who is it?”
    “It's me, Mica. Remember?”
    “No. I don't remember anything,” replied Oreo, puzzled.
    “Oh, well could you open the door? It's awfully cold out here, and I might just freeze,” replied Mica, shivering through his voice.
    “Okay,” replied Oreo, unlocking the door.
    “You seriously don't remember me? We were in the same cell for like three years!” said Mica, surprised.
    “Oh, well I seriously don't remember, so I'm gonna----”
    “Hello?” asked Mica, answering his cell phone and interrupting Oreo. “Yeah. Okay, later.”
    “Who was that?” asked Oreo, irritated.
    “One of my friends just invited me to a party, you wanna come?” he asked, putting his phone back into his pocket.
    “No thanks, I'm good,” responded Oreo.
    “Oh. Okay then, I'll see you later,” replied Mica, leaving. “Oh yeah, I came over to tell you that I got out of Juvie today, just in case you cared.”
    “OK. Thanks for giving me the notice.”
    The door shut, and Oreo went to his cell phone, and dialed a number.
    “Hello?” asked the person on the other line as she answered.
    “Hi, is this Alexis?” asked Oreo.
    “Okay, it's me, Oreo. Listen, the last thing I want to do is hurt you, but until I remember this crap, I'm gonna have to break-up with you. I don't remember going out with you, but just to make sure. I'm sorry,” he replied.
    “Oh... OK,” replied Alexis, her voice breaking. She hung up. Oreo went back to his bed and just sat there for hours, thinking about what he was going to do now that he had lost his memory.

    A week later, Oreo was walking down the sidewalk, looking down, and abruptly bumps into a beautiful, blond haired, brown-eyed girl, and he fell.
    “Oh!” gasped the girl, “Watch where you're going!”
    “Oh, I'm sorry. I've just had a lot on my mind and----”
    “Would you like to go out sometime?” interrupted the girl. “My name's Mariah Oakson. How about this Saturday night? Pick me up at around seven, and we'll go watch a movie or something!”
    “Uh... okay, sure,” replied Oreo.
    “Great! Here's my address, see you then,” replied Mariah, continuing on her way, deliberately brushing her soft, honey-blond hair on his face.
    Her hair smells pleasant, Oreo thought.
    That following Saturday, he drove toward her house, dressed casually. “Seventeen-oh-four Midrace, I'm on the street, now where's the house?” he asked himself as he looked up from the card Mariah had given him a few nights ago.
    “There it is!” he said gladly, as he noticed the house on the corner of the house. Oreo got out of the car, and went up the tremendously wide steps that led to the front door.
    “Hello son, who are you?” asked a tall man who answered the door.
    “I'm here to pick up Mariah Oakson, is this where she resides?” asked Oreo in reply, looking over his shoulder to see the tremendously beautiful large, white house. He noticed that the back wall was not a wall at all, but just glass.
    “Well, yes she does, but she is getting ready for a date,” replied the tall man, glaring at him evilly.
    “Oh, well who are you?” asked Oreo, aware of his gaze, but not caring about it.
    “I am Mr. Oakson, her father,” replied Mr. Oakson.
    “Oh crap, well, um... can I come in?” asked Oreo.
    “No! Go wait in your vehicle, and get your rear-end off my yard!”
    “Well fine then!” shouted Oreo, irritated and maddened. The door slammed shut behind him, and he hears the father's footsteps fading, so he went around the back. He went in through the back door, and saw that Mr. Oakson was sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper. He wore silver framed, square reading glasses.
    Oreo had to near him in order to go up through the stairs, so he got on all four and crawled nearer, and gradually finally made it all the way up the stairs. When he reached the top, he heard some noise in a room, and got up and slowly walked to the door of the room. He opened it to peek, and saw that it was Mariah, so he swiftly went in.
    “Oh god! You scared me!” exclaimed Mariah as she noticed him shutting the door. She was sitting on her bed putting on a bracelet. She was wearing a sparkling baby blue dress, and matching high-heeled shoes.
    “Please be quiet, your father doesn't know I'm up here,” said Oreo in a whisper.
    “Oh, I'm sorry. How are you going to get back outside?” asked Mariah curiously.
    “Um...” he said looking around the room. “I'll jump out the window, but hurry up!” he whispered, and swiftly jumping out the window that was sitting on the balcony.
    Mariah finished getting ready and went into the living room.
    “Hey, Daddy, I'm gonna go now, so has Oreo gotten here yet?” asked Mariah as she entered the living room.
    “Yes. He actually was too, um... shy to come in and wait, so he decided to go wait in the car----”
    “You scared him off, didn't you?” interrupted Mariah.
    “Do you really think I would do such a thing? Because if you do, then you're absolutely right,” confessed Mr. Oakson, for Mariah was giving him a disappointed glare.
    “I thought so, Daddy, I know you don't like the idea of me dating, but I am now a grown woman,” replied Mariah.
    “So what are you trying to say?”
    “Quit scaring off the boys!” exclaimed Mariah, charging out of the door, frustrated. As she walked to Oreo's car, she saw something just laying in the car.
    “Oreo? Is that you?” she asked as she opened the passenger side door of the car. There was no response, and the body just laid there, unmoving. “Oreo!” she exclaimed one last time.
    “Oh god!” he exclaimed as he jumped up. “Sorry, I fell asleep.”
    Mariah jumped up too. “I thought you were dead!”
    “Nope. You ready to go?”
    “Oh, yeah, let's go.”
    They went on a date, and continued to date almost every night.
    ----------Propose and Accept----------

    About a month later, he took Mariah somewhere where he knew she would like.
    “Okay, tonight, I'm taking you to the most romantic spot of all. As you can see, it's dark out, but the sky is lit with the sparkling full moon,” said Oreo.
    “Wow, that's beautiful, but where are we going?” asked Mariah, puzzled.
    “You'll see, now come on,” replied Oreo, opening the car door for her.
    They drove down the eerie highway, there was fog everywhere, which made the setting eerie. Oreo drove for about ten minutes, then finally came to a stop. They exited the vehicle, and walked toward a sparkling, sapphire-blue lake.
    “This is beautiful! I've never seen anything like this,” said Mariah, astonished.
    “I know, that's why I brought you here,” replied Oreo, arm around her.
    For ten minutes they sat on a bench, by the sparkling lake, talking.
    “Mariah,” said Oreo, getting on one knee. “I have to ask you a question, I have spent time with you night after night, and now I'm ready to spend all day together. Mariah, will you marry me?”
    “Uh... let me think... I'm gonna say... yes!” replied Mariah, tears in her eyes.
    “Oh!” sighed Oreo, relieved.
    They got up, and ran around the perimeter of the lake.

    “Okay, Daddy. It's been seven months since Oreo proposed to me, and the wedding day is finally set! The wedding will be in three months, that's the official day!” Mariah told her father.
    “What day though?”
    “June sixteenth,” she replied.
    “Well, no matter how much I disagree with this wedding, you are my little girl, but unfortunately I gotta let you grow up,” replied Mr. Oakson, voice breaking up.

    ----------The Wedding Battle----------

    “Do you really want to marry me?” asked Mariah.
    “Yes. I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you.”
    “That is so sweet. I'll see you at the altar tomorrow then,” replied Mariah.
    “Okay, see you then,” replied Oreo, exiting the room.

    The Wedding March starts playing, and Mariah starts walking down the aisle with her dad, Mr. Oakson.
    “Honey, no matter what happens, I'll always love you,” said Mr. Oakson, giving her a kiss on her forehead, and continuing to walk down the aisle.
    “You look beautiful!” said Oreo.
    “Thank you, you look handsome as well,” replied Mariah.
    The priest started to talk for eternal minutes, so it seemed, until he finally asked Oreo to say his vows.
    “Okay. Mariah, I love you, and I promise that I will comfort you as much as possible, whether you're mad, sad, happy, or any other emotions that you feel.”
    “Oreo, I know we haven't been together for a long time, but I want you to know that I will care for you as much as my family cared for me, which is a lot,” vowed Mariah, starting to cry.
    The priest started to talk more, and he finally asked the big question: “Mariah Oakson, accept this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? To love, cherish, and care in sickness and in health? To be together 'till death do you part?”
    “...I...do!” replied Mariah as she wiped her tears.
    The priest gave a nod of agreement, and asked Oreo the same question.
    “I----” he abruptly stopped. He suddenly got a flashback of everything that happened before the accident. He remembered everything, from the high-speed chase from when he was a child, to the beginning of his relationship with Alexis, to the time he got arrested. He remembered Mica, Rick, and all of his other friends. He soon realized that his love for Alexis, was more than anything. He finally remembered her, and he was determined to get her back.
    “I'm sorry, but I can't marry you! I love another woman, not you!” shouted Oreo, grabbing the ring he had proposed to her with off of her finger.
    “Stop this wedding!” shouted Alexis as she rammed the gate of the white-rose garden with her Chevrolet Avalanche.
    “Alexis!” shouted Oreo, glad to see her, starting to run toward her.
    As Oreo stopped half-way to her, Alexis started to cry, “Oreo, I don't care if you remember me or not, I love you, and I can't let you marry this tramp!”
    “Who are you calling a tramp? You better not touch my husband!” shouted Mariah.
    “Husband? He just said he won't marry you, you and him are over,” replied Alexis, getting out of her truck. When she exited the truck, Mariah started to run toward her. When Mariah got close to Alexis, Alexis easily slapped Mariah, turning her face red. Mariah easily fell to the ground. Alexis grabbed her hair and picked her up. Mariah was struggling to escape Alexis' grasp, but Alexis managed to punch Mariah in the stomach, and Mariah started to spit blood.
    “Okay, okay! You can have him! He isn't worth dying for,” said Mariah while she was laying on the ground, wiping the blood off her mouth. Oreo walked up to Alexis, kissed her, and said that he loved her. He kissed her again, and Alexis pulled away.
    “Let's go,” said Alexis, gesturing at the truck.
    When they arrived at Oreo's apartment, they just sat there, staring at each other passionately.
    “Alexis, I heard a song the other day, and I just realized that it shows most of my feelings and passion for you,” said Oreo, breaking the silence.
    “Really? What's it called?” asked Alexis.
    “It's called 'And I' by Erica Hawks and Erin Kearby,” replied Oreo, showing her the CD of it.
    ----------Musical Passion----------

    The next day, Oreo drove over to Alexis' house.
    “Alexis, I had to pull some strings to get you this, but it's the only one in the whole world like it. It always will be too,” said Oreo.
    “What do you mean?” asked Alexis.
    “Just listen to this CD, and you'll find out.” Oreo put a CD that looked exactly like the one he had showed her yesterday into her stereo. “This is the song I was talking about yesterday.”
    Oreo clicked “Play” and the song started. Some of the beginning lyrics were:
    Ooh, ooh, oh.
    I was sitting in class
    thinking of you, ooh.
    The song continued for a few minutes, until the song finally ended, Alexis asked what was so special about the CD.
    “Listen,” replied Oreo, pointing at the stereo.
    Oreo's voice suddenly sounded in CD. “Alexis, I love you with all of my heart, so I have one question. Will you marry me?” asked Oreo's voice inside the stereo.
    “Did you record that?” asked Alexis.
    “Yes, I went to a real recording studio, got contacted with the singers, and they were more than happy to record the song for me, and they gladly let me record that last part,” replied Oreo.
    “Well I don't know what to say,” replied Alexis, looking down.
    “Please say yes, it would mean the world to me if you did. If you were to say know, I would jump off the Eiffel Tower,” replied Oreo.
    “Okay, I see that you really do love me, so I say yes!” shouted Alexis.
    “Yes!” exclaimed Oreo, and kissed her.

    After three months, Oreo and Alexis had finished organizing everything for the wedding, and the wedding was only two weeks away. Oreo was in his apartment, watching television, when he heard a knock on his door.
    “Yes?” he asked. “Who is it?”
    “It's me, open up,” demanded the visitor. The man had a familiar voice, but Oreo couldn't pinpoint who it was.
    Oreo went to the door, and answered. It had been months since he saw this man, but it was Mariah's father.
    “What do you want?” asked Oreo harshly.
    “There's no need to be hostile. Look, I know we haven't seen each other for months, but I want to thank you,” replied Mr. Oakson.
    “For what?”
    “For walking out on my daughter. It's made me relieved, and I think she's doing better without you,” replied Mr. Oakson, sounding calm.
    “You mean to tell me that that fight, actually made you happy? Even when I left?” asked Oreo, sounding confused yet amused.
    “Yes. I never wanted that wedding to start, I never approved of that wedding. The only reason I went is because I didn't want my little girl to be disappointed. You actually think I even liked you?” he replied, starting to sound irritating. He pulled something out of his pocket. “Here,” is all he said as he handed it to Oreo, and departed.
    Oreo watched as Mr. Oakson shut the door behind him, and looked at what he had acquired. When he opened the envelope, he stared in awe, mouth hanging open, and almost drooling. He had received a check of ten-thousand British pounds from Mr. Oakson.
    “Why'd he give me this?” asked Oreo to himself. He went out the door, and down the steel metal steps that led to the parking lot. He lived on the third floor of the apartments. He got into his car, and left for Alexis' house.
    When he arrived at Alexis' house, he checked her mailbox, and saw that there were two letters in it. They were both bills that were addressed toward her father, who was currently at work. Her father worked for a C.E.O of a very famous food store there. He was his assistant, but he didn't even get paid an eighth of what his boss did.
    “What are you doing digging through my mail?” asked Alexis teasingly as she walked out of the house.
    “Oh, I was hoping there was a check I could steal in here,” joked Oreo.
    “Then I better call the cops!”
    “Enough joking around, look at what I have!” exclaimed Oreo, showing her the check.
    Her eyes sparkled as she saw how much the check was written for. “How'd you get this?”
    “Well, remember when you got in that fight three months ago?”
    “Yes, I'll never forget that, I hate her!” she replied, anger swelling up in he eyes.
    “Well, her father went to my house a few minutes ago, and actually thanked me for leaving his daughter, and when he was about to leave, he gave me this check for no reason at all.”
    “Then you should probably take it back, I mean he's not even a friend of ours,” she replied, calming down.
    “No. Look, I would have worked years for this much money, and now I have it. We could pay for our own house Alexis, think about it, we could afford a rather decent house with this, and not including the money we're going to earn with our jobs. Alexis, this pretty much set our future straight!” Oreo replied, sounding more excited then he ever has before. Excluding the time when Alexis accepted his proposal.
    “Well, since you put it that way, I guess it actually is a good thing. But don't you think we should put it in the bank so we don't spend it?” asked Alexis.
    “I guess, but it might still get wasted from there, don't you just want to put it away somewhere, and deposit it later?”
    “You know, they won't let you deposit it after an amount of time. We have to put it in a separate account, like a trust-fund you know.
    “Um... actually, mine is frozen,” replied Oreo giving Alexis an apologetic stare.
    “Well that's horrible, mine is as well,” replied Alexis, turning towards the kitchen. When she arrived in the kitchen, she pulled something that filled the entire house with its aroma. It was a delicious looking chicken.
    “Did you make that?” asked Oreo, mouth watering.
    “Yeah, it cost quite a bit, but it was worth it.”
    “Can I stay for dinner?” asked Oreo.
    “No silly, I'm taking this over to your place, so you can have a decent meal for once,” replied Alexis, putting the chicken down on the counter.
    ----------The Marriage----------

    “So, are you ready for Thursday?” asked Oreo.
    “Yeah, just three more days, and we can finally be together eternally,” replied Alexis, grabbing some tomatoes. They were at a food store.
    “Look, whether we're getting married or not, we'll always be together eternally,” replied Oreo, grabbing Alexis' had gently, and drawing invisible lines on her palm with his finger.
    “Stop it! That's tickling me!” she shouted happily, pulling her hand back.
    “Come on, let's go pay.”
    “Alright, let's go!”
    They went to cash register number nine, payed, and left toward the local park.
    “What are we doing here?” asked Oreo, stepping out of the car.
    “Well, I did bring some sandwiches, so I thought we could come out here and have a little picnic. Wouldn't you enjoy that?”
    “Yeah, it's kind of relaxing, to be out here, away from all the big buildings and everything else that stands lingering over our heads,” replied Oreo, finding a place on the grass to sit.
    “Nice, but