• Chapter 5
    "Kait?" Alex shouted from the woods. I couldn't tell him what about I've done, so I took the hunter's body and stuffed it into the bushes ten yards away.
    Alex bursted through the trees and bushes.
    "What--" he started.
    "I wanted my ring back," I said.
    "How--" he started again.
    "I pretended I was hiking in the woods and I dropped my ring. And that I came looking for it. He asked me about the bear and asked if I was alright. I said, 'Does it look like I was mauled by a bear?' So then he gave me my ring and left," I explained.
    "Oh," he said, covering my mouth to ask another question. "Did he ask you about why the bear was dead?"
    He uncovered my mouth. "Yeah. I told him it wasn't there when I came around. He asked what time I came by, and I said about an hour ago," I said. He pursed his lips.
    "Alright. Let's go," Alex said, pulling me by the waist.

    When we got back to the base, we were locked in the fancy room again. Damien had been moved while we were out hunting.
    Alex wouldn't leave my side. He was like glue. He was like...stuck to me. Not literally, but he just didn't want to leave me alone even for the shortest second.
    I felt really bad for not telling him about the human incident . I wanted to tell him so bad. I had to tell him soon.
    He spun me around to face him, then put his arms around me. I brought my lips to his and it was like Dej'a Vu all over again.
    My head spun. His scent was on my tongue. Did all vampires do this? Or just a few?
    "What really happened in the woods?" he asked suddenly.
    "I already told you, he gave me my ring and walked away," I said.
    "Okay. As long as he didn't suspect you of being a vampire," he said, laughing. I giggled along with him. Our laughter did weird things to the way our bodies were connected, ending that conversation.