• Chapter1

    Knowing I'm going to die, right here, right now, the cold soul in me is slithering through my vains. Gasping as he's holding me, fiercely. The devil in me dared me to open my eyes, to look in my killer's eyes. Reluctantly, I gave in and finally peeked. His coal black blood lust thirsty eyes were searching a perfect spot to feed from my neck. I gulped as he found his spot on my neck of where he'd feed from. He barely opened his mouth;his vampire fangs leeked out from between his pale thin lips. I once loved those thin lips against mine...but why is he doing this to me?
    He leaned forward towards his spot on my neck to feed his thirst, and thats when it hit me. So its true after all to what they say;your life flashes before your eyes...

    It all started when I was nine. That was when my life pitched in. I've always been kind of shy;shy and adorable. My mom devorsed my dad not too long before. So he's currently available, you could say I guess. He lets me see her every weekend. I'm happy about that. She has lots of beautiful birds. My dad has two dogs. I hate them, their not my favourite type of pet. My favourite pet is my ferrett, her name is Ella.

    I woke up by my alarm clock. It was loud and annoying. I have to switch it to radio. I slipped on my jeans and black T-shirt. I packed my school needs for today. I brushed my teeth without care, brushed my short sandy hair swiftly, but this time with more care. I quickly put soft cherry lip gloss on. It almost matches my pale soft skin tone. I smiled at the sight of my angel like beauty in the mirror. My emerald green eyes sparkled soon before I turned away to the sound of my father's voice calling"Rachel! Come and help your sister get ready please!"
    Oh yes, how could I forget my little sister Alice. She goes to a daycare down the block from my school. We live two blocks away from school, so I walk everyday, by myself. Though I like it better that way;I really don't mind. I gave Alice her breakfast and ran out the door;on my way to school at last without anything further. Other kids were on their way to school just as I, going down the hill, just as I.