• It was a fox that could control cyclones! Eva looked at the fox and said, "Well, first, no one asked me to the dance, then I ran from school into a mysterious place and then--" "A mysterious place?" the fox asked, " You mean the portal no mortal being can pass through." Eva was astounded. "I AM mortal, though!"
    Now the two of them were confused. If Eva passed through, then she HAS to be immortal, the fox thought. So the fox said that to Eva, and Eva had to believe it. "So can you help me?", Eva questioned. " Of course, but you need to save the world first, and to do that, I need to train you.", the fox replied.
    The fox, Cyclone, got her cyclone tattoo's, and gave her the power of wind.
    Then Eva's eyes changed color from hazel to pure green, and she could now control wind! Eva and Cyclone didn't know it yet, but they would be on the greatest adventure of their lives!

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    Will Eva and Cyclone survive their adventure?
    Find out in Me in a Dream 3!
    (coming soon!)