• Chapter 10

    *Zetsu, Tobi, Claire, Meighan and Hidan after lunch*

    "Tobi thinks that he will try and get Deidara-sempi and Shana-san together" Tobi mumbled to himself.

    "If you know what's good for you Tobi...I wouldn't even try" Meighan said sitting on Hidan's shoulder.

    "Why are you sitting on my shoulder again?" Hidan asked.

    "'Cause I'm too tired to walk...and besides...you owe me" Meighan said.

    Hidan rolled his eyes but decided not to argue.

    "Tobi is still gonna try!" Tobi said confidently.

    "Tobi..." Meighan started but saw Tobi was already busy planning.

    "When Tobi sets his mind on something he doesn't stop until he completes whatever he's doing or till he miserably fails..." Black Zetsu explained.

    "I feel bad for him then" Meighan said as they entered their study hall.

    Chapter 11

    *Sasori, Deidara, Katrin, Kisame, Kakuzu, Carol, Itachi, and Shana after lunch*

    "Bye Sasori!" Carol said as she, Kisame, Katrin and Kakuzu headed off for gym.

    "Thank goodness" Sasori sighed as he, Deidara, Itachi and Shana headed for art.

    "She means well...it's just annoying the way she shows it" Shana said.

    "Really annoying..." Sasori said.

    "So what kind of art do you do Shana hm?" Deidara asked.

    "Drawing, painting, sculpting" Shana replied.

    "Cool hm" Deidara said.

    Chapter 12

    *Study hall*

    Meighan didn't have anything to do. She was folding paper into airplanes and kept throwing them at the back of people's heads. Then after she ran out of paper she decided to shoot ice at people.

    "Meighan-san could you help Tobi with his plans?" Tobi asked.

    Meighan was going to say no, but then decided she could have fun doing it.

    "Sure Tobi" Meighan said.

    "Ok here's what Tobi's going to do" Tobi said and whispered the plan to Meighan.

    Meighan smiled from amusement. She knew it was defiantly going to be fun torturing the two.

    *Gym class*

    "I'm Gai-sensi as you will call me. I'm the gym teacher here and in my class I expect you to work hard!" Gai said.

    "Oh great a lunatic gym teacher" Kisame mumbled to Katrin.

    Katrin snickered.

    "Now to begin you all will have to run 50 laps around the track!" Gai said.

    Everyone groaned but got up and went on the track.

    *Art class*

    "Now today you can just do whatever art you want" The art teacher said mumbling about still getting ready.

    "Alright hm" Deidara said taking out some clay.

    He started molding something. Sasori took out some wooden parts and started putting something together.

    "Wonder what I should draw now..." Shana silently mumbled opening her sketchbook.

    She was suddenly tapped on the arm. She looked up to see Sasori.

    "Can I see that?" He asked pointing at the sketch book.

    "Uh...sure" Shana said unsure and handed him the book.

    Sasori paged through the book.

    "She's a good artist,” He thought to himself as he looked.

    He then gave it to Itachi to look at, who was also drawing. Itachi nodded in approval and handed it to Deidara.

    "Wow...your good hm" Deidara said paging through.

    Shana blushed a little. She quickly looked away so no one would see. Deidara handed it back to Shana and she started drawing again.

    "What do you think?" Itachi whispered to Sasori.

    "She's a good artist,” Sasori whispered back.

    "No, I mean what do you think of her and Deidara?"

    "It's too early to tell...but knowing Tobi, he's going to try and get them together"


    Itachi went back to his drawing.

    Chapter 13

    *After 4th class*

    "Finally...school's...almost...done" Katrin said trying to catch her breath.

    "Yeah" Kisame said catching his breath.

    "Whoa...I'm glad I don't have gym this tri-mester" Meighan said.

    "Shut...up..." Katrin said weakly

    Meighan laughed.

    "Hey it's Sasori-san!" Carol said running up to Sasori.

    "Oh no" Sasori groaned.

    Carol went up to Sasori and started dragging him towards reading.

    "How can she have so much energy?" Hidan asked.

    "Who knows" Meighan shrugged.

    "So you can make bombs out of clay? That's so cool" Shana said talking to Deidara.

    "Thanks hm" Deidara said appreciating the praise.

    "Hi Deidara-sempi, Shana-san!" Tobi yelled and placed his arms on Shana and Deidara's shoulders.

    "Get off Tobi!" Both Deidara and Shana yelled.

    Tobi put his arms down and went in front of them.

    "Guess what Deidara-sempi!" Tobi yelled walking backwards.

    "Your switching schools?" Deidara asked irritated.

    "No silly! We're going out to eat with our new friends after school!" Tobi said.

    "When did we decide this?" Shana asked Meighan.

    "We did during study hall...and your going weather you like it or not" Meighan said.

    Shana sighed irritated.

    "Come on Shana it'll be fun!" Katrin, who finally caught her breath, said and playfully punched her.

    Shana rolled her eyes.

    "Sure it will be Katrin" Shana sighed and sat down in one of the chairs in the reading room.

    Deidara sat down next to her. About 10 min. after the bell, the teacher proofed into the room.

    "Heh sorry I'm late...I had a meeting to finish up" The teacher explained.

    "Sure you did" Shana said still irritated.

    The teacher looked at her and she stared at him. There was silence between the two.

    "Anyways...I'm Kakahi...you can call me Kakashi-sensi or sir" Kakashi said quickly looking away from Shana.

    Shana smirked and turned back to her sketch.

    "What'd you do?" Deidara whispered to Shana.

    "Nothing really" Shana whispered back.

    Deidara nodded and turned back to Kakashi's explanation of the book they were going to read.