• Chapter 1
    I sit waiting on the hard bench just for you. I have no idea when you will come, but I know today your going to walk by with all of your friends laughing. But you won't notice me.
    I open the cover of my book hoping to take my mind off of your beautiful face, the contours of your body. I breath in deeply and slam my book down.
    I lower my eyes and weep. I don't how long it has been but I heard one pair of scuffling feet. I wipe away my tears and look. It's him. My most handsome Jack Foster. His hands deep in his pockets he shuffles down the sidewalk. When he gets close I cough just to get his attention.
    His head whips up in suprise. His eyes fall on me. They seem to bore into my very soul. The chocolate deliciousness of them fills me with joy and longing.
    "Hey, dont I know you?" he sits down beside me and looks into my face.
    "Yes," I say in an almost inaudible voice.
    "Your Elizabeth right?" It seems that he can only talk in questions.
    "Yes," But who am I to judge, I only speak in one word senteces. He laughs and his smile makes the sun seem weak.
    "Is that the only word you seem to know?" He asks still chuckling.
    I look into his smiling, shining face and shake my head. His happiness seemes contagious.
    "No, how are you today?" I ask as my courage seems to take a dramatic ascent. He looks into the trees and says, "I'm okie dory. I was going to go to a party, but there was booze so I didnt go. How are you this lovely evening?" I look to the horizon. The sun was setting and it threw out an amazing display. Almost like it was just for us. The wind blows his and my hair. The whispy brown hair slowly flips around his face, like a halo.
    "I'm doing great actually.I heard you broke up with Linsey. How come?" He shakes his head and folds his hands together.
    "She was cheating on me and I wasnt going to take that crap from anyone. But I dont care, she's a whore anyway." I couldnt help but laugh at his comment and I cover my mouth with a hand. He looks at me with a quizzical look.
    "Someone finally realizes her true identity!" I said still trying hard not to laugh. He smiles and looks at his wrist-watch.
    "Oh, dang! It's six oh nine. I better get going." He jumps up off the bench and turns to me. "See you tomorrow Liz." He turns and runs away. His gait was strong and his stride was long. I sighed, stood, and slowly made my departure.

    Chapter 2
    I sit in class tapping my pencil on the desk. I wrack my brain trying to figure out a way to approach Jack. The bell suddenly rings making me jump. I quickly gather my things and head out of class.
    I wasnt watching where I was going and bumped into someone. All of my books and papers fell to the ground.
    "I'm so sorry!" I instantly recognized the voice. It was Jack which made the incident even more humiliating.
    "It's fine," I whispered. I felt a hand touch my skin. I hadn't realized I was staring at the floor. Jack lifted my face from my chin.
    "Hey, fancy meeting you here!" He said sarcastically.
    I msiled and said, "I don't believe that it is coincidence." He laughed and I sat watching him. He looked back at me and picked up my books and paper.
    "I do belive this is yours." Jack handed me my things and we stood.
    "Thank you for helping, most people would blow me off." I said.
    "But I'm not like most people am I?"He didn't even let me reply, he quickly turned and walked to his next class. I stood there watching him until he disappeared in the increasing crowd.

    Chapter 3
    "Stop playing with your food dear," My mother says looking stern. I was pushing my brocoli around my plate and mashing them into my potatoes.
    "Sorry, I'm not really hungry. Please excuse me." I stood and picked up my plate from the table. I enter the kitchen and scrape the food scraps into the trash can.
    As I walk up the stairs to my room, I couldnt get Jack's smiling face out of my head. My skin still felt like it was burning from where he had touched me. I enter my room and find my rotweiler, Buddy, sitting on my bed. I turn and shut my door and faced him.
    "What?" I ask him and he lifts his head from his paws. "Oh hush, just because I like him doesn't me he likes me." Buddy barked and growled lowering his head. After his speech, if you could call it one, something hit my window. I jumped and spun to look. But I'm on the second story, I wouldn't be able to see what was down on the ground. I walked to my window and opened it. I stuck my head out the window and gasped in suprise. Jack stood on my lawn.
    "Can I come in?" He asks.
    "Yeah, go to the front door, I'll let you in."
    I ran down the stairs just in time to hear Jack's last knock.
    "Now, who could that be?" My mother says standing.
    "I'll get it!" I say, glad my mom wouldn't see Jack before I did. She would turn to me and wiggle her eyebrows, and later ask me if he was my boyfriend. I opened the door and acted suprised.
    "Hello there Jack, your early for our study date." I say, he just looks at me strange and understanding flashes in his eyes.
    "Yeah, I thought I would need more time than one hour. So, here I am!" He said lifting his shoulders in a shrug.
    "Mom, sorry I didnt tell you earlier. This is Jack Foster." I introduced him hoping my mother wouldn't embarass me. But she didn't she shook Jack's hand and went straight to bed.
    "Follow me." I took his hand and pulled him into my room. "Why are you..." but I couldn't finsih my sentence before his warm lips were upon mine. I was about to pull away but his arm went around my waist and he pulled me closer. I let him take over me and I put my arms around him.
    "I love you." He mumbled and the night seemed to last forever. Jack and I were finally together and we would never be apart.
    The End.