• Neji Hyuga has never known love.

    And he never will. ‘Emotionless’ was the word.

    He grew up in a place where only harsh training existed, a home where he was expected to behave. Through his milky white eyes, one would only see training as his best friend and anger as a consoling partner. No one should have the right to question his existence as a caged bird.

    And destiny lives on.

    He has questioned himself for the past sixteen years…not knowing, not wanting to know in fact, what that tugging in his heart meant. The pain in his chest has never subsided over his lifetime, continually wrenching his focus away from his vigorous practice sessions as a ninja. “Love, Neji”, his sempai told him when he asked, “You need to learn to love. Let your feelings out.”

    He had scoffed at his teacher’s advice.

    Emotions aren’t needed in the life of a shinobi. The boy prodigy has known that since he was taught the hardships in facing one’s own weakness; a tender heart. Even the teachers taught the importance of the lack of emotion at the ninja academy, but many didn’t listen in the end. That is why Neji wanted to be the one who followed all the rules… an obedient child, a smart child.

    On the other hand, it was not like he had a choice.

    He has never felt love…. ‘Emotion’ was but a word.

    But it changed that day, when the boy finally realized that destiny could be a good thing, and he was happy that he, the caged bird, could at least see between the bars of his prison. He couldn’t quite understand it himself, but it was also that day that the aching in his heart stopped altogether. And for once, Neji Hyuga was happy.

    Had he known love?’ He still wonders.
    But he knows he is grateful, to the loudmouthed boy, sitting in the ramen shop all day, boasting about his new jutsu. He perhaps even smiles when he sees Naruto Uzumaki.

    Naruto…I wonder what the story of his destiny will say...