• It was Rashel's 5th birthday. everyone she loved was there. even her grandmother showed up.
    It was late afternoon when rashel finally go to open her presents. she open and tore at everyone of then until she got to a small box laced with a a pretty golden ribbon. on the side was a note written in fancy golden letters "have a wonderful birthday darling ,xoxo grandma"
    She tore the box free being careful not to ruin the pretty ribbon..she shoved the bow top off and gasped in horror when she looked inside of it...It was a doll...a porclien doll in fact. Rashel dropped the box on the table and cried in her mothers arms.
    Later when everyone left she was in her room playing with her new toy horse....."nay!! ride em cowboy" she smiled in delight......she left the doll outside to afraid to touch it. although her grandma said it was her when she was a child.. there is nothing to be afraid off...iots exactly what her parents said to....
    Later in the evening rashel was put to bed...her parent left for the store. when they thought she was asleep. minutes after they left a scratching noise came from a vent near her bed.
    all of a sudden she heard in a sing song voice, "Raaaaaa-sheeelllll...why did u leave me? why do u hate me sooooo?"
    All rashel could think of was pulling the covers above her head....and so she did....
    Down the hall she heard the sing song voice again.
    "One step Two step Three step more...
    Four step Five step Six step more...
    Seven step Eight step Nine step more..
    I'm outside your door"
    Rashel shook in terror..as she thought she heard what sounded like a knife scraping her door...yes it was a knife..
    Her doorknob started to rattle..an evil yet somehow sweet laughter came from outside her door
    "rashel i loooooooove youuuu, why do u haaaaaaaate me sooooo?"
    The rattling and the laughter stopped and rashel heard a clatter like a knife dropping off the floor
    All of a sudden she heard her moms voice, "Why is rashels doll and a knife on the floor?"
    She could hear her mother bend down and pick up the doll and knife.. her mother came into her bedroom and sat down the doll next to her new toys and walked out of the room...
    "one step two step three step more
    I' at your beeeeeeeedddd", the sing song voice laughed right next to her ear...
    The evil laughter faded into the night and thats were the real horror began

    TEH END ^^