• So gaia... Ive started to write about a girl-Char with 4 bffs. Ones a prep-Mary, two are identical twins-Cat and Lyn and then her crush and also bestest of her bffs, a gay-Ruben. Then she has a rival, who practically runs the school-Martha.
    Hears tha order ofevents..... Heres what I need to no=====Should I continue a second book (second book ideas down on bottom)...

    Rubens grandpa dies
    Ruben lives with Char
    Char has a dream about dating Ruben
    Char finds out it was a dream but everything cames true=good and bad
    Char and Ruben take flight to Mexico to see Rubens grandma and mom
    Char passes out on flight-wakes up in hospital
    goes through winter break in Beverly Hills
    Goes bake to school-Martha losses it
    Martha startes school shooting
    Ruben gets shoot and Martha gets arrested-but shoots herself and dies

    2nd book

    Ruben and Char go to Ruben's inherited island and Martha's cousin comes with her friends Nikki and Martel. Char almost gets raped by Martel; Ruben startes fight with Martel and Ruben gets arrested.
    Char goes to hospital and gets sent back to island and is locked in basement by Martha's cousin.

    Thats all Ive got for second--------
    By the way what should I call Martha's cousin

    A: Bree
    B: Casandra
    C: Debby

    Thanks for your help Gaia.

    Ta book-chap. 1 part 1

    I walked into the door and upper class men watched intently. I felt like I was an outsider and I wished that it would stop. On my right were my best friends. Mary was my newest bff. She was abou my hight and all that but she had black currly hair, many people were jealous of it. Then the twins, Lyn and Cat. They were both 4'9" and had brown hair that was just skipping across there shoulders. I looked around and I noticed that Ruben was nowhere around. I just saw Martha, my greatest enemy. She was 5'1 and had natural blonde hair, was about 100 pounds and... well she was the cheer captain and therefore was the freshmen queen, self-proclamed of course. But eveyone was to scaed to admit it to her. I didn't want her to start my day off worse then it had to be. I quickly grabbed Mary, Lyn and Cat and dragged them into the bathroom.
    "What the heck .... Char, what the heck are you doing?" Cat was trying to push against my push.
    "Martha... she might come. I have to hide so she won't see me."
    "How do you even know that she will come this way?" Mary yelped, climbing onto the toilet seat as not to be smashed anymore.
    "I just have a ..." I was cut off by two girls that ran out screaming at Ruben who ran into the bathroom. He helped me climb into the stall and closed the door behind him.
    "Martha's coming in 5...4...3...2...1..." He counted to the exact rythm of the growing clicks of stelleto heels outside of the door.

    please give comments....