• Chapter 2
    Kris!Jake caled while he tried to get to friend.Watz up?Kirs looked up and answered she left and she is mad.Why?Good question.I don't want to stay and she was offended.Then she stormed off.Whoa,dude that is harsh.I know.Kris you need a break.She has always been so you know.Jake we are still together.Bye.Kris!Kris had already began pushing his way towards the door.
    He stepped into the street.More parties were outside.He began walking towards his house."Why me?"He wondered.He looked into the sky.Maybe some rose.He thought and began walking the opposite way.He decided on taking the short cut to the store.He was going to walk through Siver Forest.Silver forest was right next to a graveyard and most people feared it was haunted.No one dared even consider going.Unless someone was buried there,but Kris had to make sure everything was okay between him and Lacey.
    He began his walk slowly.The store was a while away by foot.He tried to hurry he knew he had to make up with Lacey fast.No matter what he loved her and he couldn't stand not having her.
    Quiet footsteps were behind him.He couldn't hear Kris couldn't hear the footsteps so they kept trailing him.Finaly Kris stopped for a second.He pulled out his cellphone and checked the time.He had to hurry.He began jogging,then running.He could see the lights of the city and stores.Finally he crossed the street and went to walmart. A dozen roses and she'd be happy.He had learned in the past roses were her weakness.
    When he walked out a person wearing a hoodie stood in front of him.They were holding something.Then they pointed it at Kris.He froze and tried to duck but it was to late.He had been shot and the person had run off.Before he had left he had laid a purple flower on KrisLeavng Kris at the opening of walmart.

    Chapter 3
    i had gotten out of the bath and laid on her bed.Looking through a magazine.It was 3:00 in the morning.i was wide awake.I had thought Kris would have brought me a rose by now.I was starting to get upset.Everytime we fought he bought me a rose.Then the doorbell rang.I smiled.It had to be him I thought.I ran down the stairs and answered the door.A smiled on my face.Two cops stood in the door way one an older male and a younger female.Are you...um Lacey.Yea.We are here to inform you that your boyfriend was..um..shot at walmart.I stared at them.You are lying.The female walked in.I am sorry but we're not.He was shot.I began gulping in air.No.NO!Lacey you need to calm down.Is he alright?I want to see him.Lacey.I want to see.The female officer put her finger gently on my mouth and silenced me.He is.......dead.NOOO!I screamed.You are lying.I ran up the stairs to my room.
    Should we stay?Mike the female officer asked her partner.Well,Cindy I think we should leave.Poor girl she can't be very old her boyrfriend wasn't.The officers walked out the door.I wish she could have the roses.She can't they are evidence.What about that purple one that was laid on top of him?Evidence it doesn't match any of his flowers he bought.With that they got in their car and left.
    I laid in my room holding thelast rose he had given me.Lies!He was alive.He was waiting for me somewhere.I know he was.He has to be.I was crying hysterically and couldn't stop.I didn't hear the person gently open my window or silently slide in.I had my eyes closed and screaming.I didn't see the silver object pointed my knee.Then I felt it.I let out a scream.My eyes opened.Jake.Jake stood over me.I thought we were friends.I loved you he said staring.You could have been with me!Kris was just a person.When he got with you I felt worse than death and now because he was with you.He died.I,love you Lacey.Then he shot me in the chest.My breath stopped.I closed my eyes forever.
    I looked down an their my body laid.Jake was panicing.He had killed me,yet,I was alive.Was I a ghost?Jake calm down.I's okay.I said over and over again.Jake looked up.I'm sorry!I didn't mean to.He fell on the ground screaming and crying.I loved you.Then he gently took a rose from his pocket and laid it over me.I watched him for a few minutes then he climbed out the window crying.I was still laying there.Lifeless yet aive.