• Year: 1300 Day: 13th Month: May

    The bustling town of Argayia was filled with tons of royals on the prince's birthday. A local village girl name Lilly Andrea called "Lilly Drew","Drew", and "Lilly" looked at the royals as they arrived. A queen by the named of Saphiron looked at her "hello thre" she said to her. Lilly looked at her "h-hello your highness" Lilly said startled anyone royal would talk to her. The queen look at her and beckoned her to follow her. "Ello Queen and Princess" the guard said to Lilly and Shaphiron. Shapiron took Lilly to her room and sat her on the bed "how would you like to be a princess for a day?" the queen asked her. Lilly looking stunned, nodded at her. "well you will be now Princess-" Saphiron said not knowing her name "Lilly" Lilly said. "Thank you deary" the queen said going through her clothes that would fit Lilly. Once Lilly was dressed and looked like a Princess Saphiron brought out a tiara and placed it on her head. They were off. Lilly followed the queen like a princess would. The king smiled at the two "hello Saphiron and.." the king said pausing "Lilly" Saphiron said finishing his sentence. Lilly was about the Prince's age 15. Lilly was sent over to him "you don't look like much of a princess to ne" the prince said acting like a snob. "Well, I am!" Lilly said replying to his rude comment. "How old are you?" He asked her. "15 like you" she said. "I am Prince Harry and you are?" he asked her. "Princess Lilly" she said. "I know a villager named Lilly and she is beautiful" he said idling over his thought. "Really? What is this Lilly girl like?" She asked him. "smart,intelligent, patient.." he said describing Lilly to her. "That is very interesting Harry" she said. The prince loved her! How odd for her was it to be that!

    -End Of Current Story-